The Blag


Yes, even though you saw it on Monday here is the blog about my new handbag!

Retails £20 in River Island.


I love the bright pink and blue zig zag pattern all over the bag – I really wanted something that made a statement (you mentioned statement pieces in your NY fashion post so I was on the lookout for things like that). I wasn’t sure at first but I did think this over for a good few weeks before buying. I also had a voucher there so made the financial dent not quite so big.

It has gold hardware on the front with buckles (magnetic so less hassle), a river island brand mark, handle bits making up part of the cute small handle on top of bag along with short chains leading to material straps. At first I was apprehensive about the gold hardware as I don’t have anything with it on however I have come to love it – It makes the bag just stand out even more. I love the juxtaposition (one of the coolest words ever) against the pink and blue pattern. 


It has got a really handy front pocket where I keep lipsticks and my Oster/train tickets, along with a larger compartment where I can fit my glasses and case, phone, headphones, purse and keys well. However, if you want anything else in there and you are stumped – it’s like tetris getting that stuff in there. But the bag is only around 15cm high and 10cm wide so you can’t expect miracles.


It will be perfect for summer for nipping into town and meeting up with friends so I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Mum did say it was so bold what would it go with but I think it that because it is a statement bag it would go with so many things in my wardrobe. Anyhoo – very excited about using it! What do you think about this purchase chum?

See you soon! :) 

TV Shows


Welcome to my unhealthy obsession of TV shows, these are all the ones I haven watched or am watching


This is a classic that I feel everybody should watch at least 5 times even though there are 10 seasons. It’s funny, sweet, dramatic and soppy.


Pretty Little Liars:

This is a great one for people who like mystery and crime and murder? More of a mystery one I would say though, but it does have cute and funny scenes as well.


Greys Anatomy:

Shout out to all the medical fans out there. This is a medical drama and is one of my favourites. It does have a few gory scene for the squeamish ones out there but like the others, there are funny and sweet scenes too.


New Girl:

This one is an on and off one for me, its mostly funny and sweet, it’s a different story every episode and although watching it from the beginning would make sense, I think if you watched it a few episodes or maybe even a season in, you would get the jist of it.


The Vampire Diaries:

About vampires, if that wasn’t obvious, but also werewolves and hybrids and witches yet in no way like twilight! A good series to follow, I got sucked into it this January and I love it.


The Originals:

This is a side off one from The Vampire Diaries, has some of the same main characters and obviously extra people, different story line but still a good story.


Don’t trust the B in apartment 23:

This is kinda like New Girl for me, but more out there! Its funnier (at times), more dramatic and stupid funny; which is hilarious. And like New Girl, I think if you watched it a few episodes or maybe even a season in, you would get the jist of it.



This is a new one for me, im 10 episodes in and loving it already, its about how someone takes revenge to its limits, its crazy and scary but fascinating how minds can work…


The next TV show i think i want to start is Breaking Bad, let me know what you think, and also if there are any more you think I should watch.

Disappointing Products


No 7 stay perfect nail colour varnish in… a peachy colour (I left it at uni WHOOPS! Apologies) retails in Boots at £6

The positives first; It is a great peachy apricot (I think I’m craving fruit today) summer colour and it goes with many outfits. However (wow the positive list wasn’t long when I thought about it) – It has taken me five layers of colour to get it to the bold peach colour I want. Also to stop the streaky-ness of the polish which I was very surprised about with No 7 as nail varnishes in the past have been amazing. However this one, not great! Therefore very disappointing….

Befri Brush – I’m not sure exactly how much this is as my mum bought this for me, however ebay says £25

Befri Hairbrush

Befri Hairbrush

I can’t think of any positives with this product… it looks funky? Mum wanted to get me a new hair brush because every time I brush my hair about half my hair comes out with it so her heart was in the right place (thanks mum!). However – we are taking it back because it is just awful! I hope you can take it back? I admit to only using it twice but that is because my hair broke one of the bristles and the eight supposedly flexible arms did not look like they were going to last long against my hair. I am so disappointed because its designed for think hair – is my hair just made out of concrete then? Tangle Teasers all the way!!

Yep that is pretty much it.

Literally so impressed with new products recently – do you feel the same or have I been lucky or just too positive?

Talk soon!

Little Lovely Beauty Haul!


Hello Chum! Recently I have tried a few new products and I have had a little reviewing bug so you’ll have to wait to see my new handbag. Also apologies for the lateness of this blog, my computer crashed, skyped mum and then didn’t even realize it was Wednesday! (Where has this week flown?!) Anyhoo!

My New Beauty Haul

My New Beauty Haul









First up to bat is the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser (retail £7.99). I was a little hesitant in buying this because of your review of babylips however, I had just drooled over the smashbox photo ready primer and I have to say – not much different between that and this! Therefore, it automatically went in the basket. It probably shouldn’t have done because i’m a poor student. I have to admit while I was deciding if I really should I was working out what I could buy with £7.99 (if anyone is wondering 2 return and 1 single bus tickets or 7 bars of Galaxy chocolate which was on offer in the uni shop). However despite the expensiveish (for a me anyway.. oh dear) it is LOVELY. I can see why some may not like it due to its texture but it feels so lovely for me when i put it on my skin and I sometimes put it on and no other makeup as it really does erase my pores. Good purchase.

Next thing is Burt’s Bees refreshing lip balm with grapefruit. Retails at £3.99 which for me is a lot to pay for lip balm when Chap Stick is about one pound. However this smells amazing. I just put more on because of the smell! I did buy it with a boots voucher so probably wouldn’t spend that money on it if I didn’t have one as its a bit of a luxury but still lovely for a treat.

Next I bought the Revlon Baby Stick lip and cheek tint in Tahitien. I did this because I absolutely love the Revlon Baby Stick I have in Pink Passion. I know they have had horrible reviews online but for me they are AMAZING! I admit, Tahitien is rubbish to swatch but it you want a little hue of pink to go with a no make up make up day then this is what you need. Retails on Amazon at £2.99 but they just discontinued it so tempted to stock up haha!

Lastly I bought two lipsticks from Top Shop. I got a voucher for my birthday so had a little splurge and bought two – because for me £8 is a lot to spend on a lipstick personally, but in the end it only cost me £4.40 with the voucher and student discount so not bad at all. I got Macaroon (top lipstick in the picture) which is a great day colour, its light pink and makes me feel all summery. The other one that I got I purely pick up because of the name then fell in love with the colour. Ditsy. How good is that name?! Its like me in a nutshell. Anyway its a darker shade of pick and perfect for going out in the evening without being too over the top.

I highly recommend all of these products – I’ll do another post of failures of recent purchases (I really have bought too much stuff recently) next week – gosh when will I chat about my bag?! Chat later!

P.S. Breakfast club is a new love and here is my music playlist for March




Neutrogena – spot stress control

Body shop – tea tree


Face wash:

Vichy – deep cleansing purifying gel

Clean and clear – morning energy (yellow/lemon)



Vichy – 3 in one

Kiehl’s – deep pore daily cleanser

Una Brennan – tea flower clay mask

Korres – pomegranate scrub


Make up remover:

photo 1



Soaps (non harsh):

Korres – pomegranate

Lush – fresh farmacy



Korres – pomegranate

La Roshe Posay – effaclar duo +


Spot treatments:

photo 2

Beauty Cycle – anti spot gel

La Roshe Posay – spot treatment


My normal skincare routine at the moment is, rinsing my face with warm water, washing it with fresh farmacy from Lush and patting my face dry. I then dab on some bio oil (not pictured) where I have scars and after that I always use my La Roshe Posay’s Effaclar Duo+.  I use toners on days when I feel I’ve been in lots of pollution and need an extra clean. I use exfoliators after 3-4 days or if I feel my skin is uneven and needs a scrub. I occasionally will switch up the face wash and sometimes will use a moisturiser however I like the routine I have going on now and it seems to be working quite well. The spot treatment I usually tend to reach for is the LRP as I find it’s a little stronger. My skin type is straight up oily, no added normal or combination, just oily, and because of that all these products may not work for everybody, they are just what works for me. I hope you found this interesting and do try some of these, see you next week x

Some of my Favorite Art Pieces


Canaletto – The Grand Canal in Venice (Source The Telegraph)


Whaam! By Roy Lichtenstein 1963 (from Wiki)


A Possible Leonardo???? I love how art inspires such news like this! Source the Telegraph


Roy Lichtenstein 1963 – Drowning Girl (Source wiki) I have a picture of this in my room! :)


The View of the Roman Forum 1814 by Eckersburg (Source National Gallery)

What is Art?


Well hello there my best friend!

I love your midweek haul! I was thinking about buying the Rimmel Colour Rush so I’d love to hear what you thought! To continue on with my culture month I’m gunna talk about art today! I know some people may find it dull but I can’t understand why. Art isn’t just walking round museums and galleries (however I love them) it is pretty pictures on Pintrest, its messing around with the filters on Instagram (technically art?), its appreciating something important – be that a memory or a picture of the Grand Canal in Venice. 

Some of my favourite art pieces are posted around this pos… no wait they will be shown separately due to wordpress not letting me at the minute so apologies there! 

But I mean really what is art? Because technically a drawing by a 3 year old to a mother is the most beautiful art there can be. For me? Art is… Art is anything that is beautiful to the beholder; Jewellery, Canaletto or Da Vinci canvases, Photos and Memories – just about anything! I mean quite frankly the video below kinda makes me think of art – watch right to the end chum! (yes it’s a vlogbrothers video – have you gotten into them yet?) 

The Great Goose Migration - 

But another video that actually inspired this post, and culture month for me is the video below. I love how Sarah Urist Green talks about what art actually is and how it has evolved to include so many things which I completely agree with – hence my ramblings above obviously. Therefore – I have decided for the both of us that we are going to do the first art assignment and Meet in the Middle! – watch below and I know you will love it and we shall meet up in Easter. Okay. Cool. Done. :D

The Art Assignment - 

Text me practical details :) 

Okay next month I promise not to yabber on about  art and talk about other things aha – I bought a new handbag a couple of weeks ago… along with a few other items (oops) so will show you that next week! Toodles chum x