The Feeling Christmas Party

Hello Everyone! (although as we write this now we have no readers but i’m sure we will have soon..)

We went to see The Feeling yesterday! I absolutely love The Feeling! I have done since I got their album ‘Twelve Stops and Home’ in 2006 (Gosh year 7 was a long time ago..) and for a Christmas present (that came slightly early) me and Diljot got to see them at Under the Bridge for their Christmas party 🙂

The Feeling performing at Under the Bridge at their Christmas Party
The Feeling performing at Under the Bridge at their Christmas Party

Diljot hadn’t really listened to The Feeling before the concert and now she has been converted her to love them 😀 If you haven’t heard them then you need to here are some links;

Love it When you Call (my favourist song)

Rose (Still unsure of Diljot’s favourite but a great song)

They were fantastic and it was lovely to see each other after.. 6 weeks? Oh far too long! Anyway, they sung all of my favourite songs from over the years along with their own Christmas songs! Stop the Cavalry cover was my favourite although that is the BEST Christmas song generally…

Under the Bridge toilets need a mention don’t they chum – very fancy! The venues seats were comfy too and we got a great view all night long through the band’s Q&A, support act (we never did work out what his name was did we? Tom? Billy? Phil?) and The Feelings performance above everyone’s heads.

Every performance was brilliant and we both had an amazing time 🙂 Diljot’s face was especially funny when a lady started doing some sort of line dance next to her x)

Anyway, it was one of the best Christmas presents ever! Thanks mum and dad for the tickets! Thank you to The Feeling for being amazing yesterday and throughout their career!

Emilly and Diljot x


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