Coffee Calm and Songs

Hey guys

Today my day started with Emilly, probably when her dad was explaining his new bike to me.. was that at midnight chum? (We had just been to see The Feeling – they’re amazing (thank you chum)). Anyways, the day then went on. We make a few tag videos that may in the future go up and spent a long time trying to find an editing program. We then decided we needed some energy to stay awake, as it was probably now 2am. Emilly opted for a coke and I had a coffee. That was a goooood coffee and it was also my third.. oops..

We went to bed at around 4am I think, and we fell asleep pretty quickly

At 8:30am (so early) my alarm went off and I decided to set another for 9:30, which is then when I woke up.

I quickly got ready; chums dad dropped me home (thanks again) and then ate food. At this point I was ready to fall and sleep anywhere! But I stayed awake and faced the day to come.

At 11 my sister picked me up with my nephew and we headed of to Birmingham. We had to go to Potters Lane and who knew there were 3 in Birmingham? And we visited then all. We went there to do some music practise and recording for a function in Feb in India, which I don’t think I’ve told you about actually chum, haven’t decided fully yet if I am going though. The practise went well and we got a lot done. Left Birmingham at 6 and got home at 8. I ended up sleeping on the way back home I wasn’t able to stay awake like I did on the journey there.

So I got home, ate again :’) and then slept for an hr? ish. Watched a few YouTube videos and listen to The Feeling 😀 oo i watched this video, its so cute ❤

That’s my day chum, hectic, just like my life, as well as fun though

Talk soon 🙂

Diljot x


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