Ho Ho Ho Chum! (getting in the christmassy spirit)

I had my first shift back at work today – I thought I wouldn’t remember anything but turns out my job is just like riding a bike! Apart from when silly people move stuff to different cupboards or the new printer/copier is all fancy and is too confusing to work.

I don’t know if this is an odd thing to notice but since I have been home, my mum has been moving food and household objects around the kitchen and it is driving me crazy – just like moving the digi texts at work – there is now no cereal cupboard! And where the dog food used to be is now where the recycling is. I went to get a plastic bag and found plastic containers! What is this maddness! So although being back home is lovely and like riding a bike the little changes are very strange…

Anyway, back to the topic at hand; Insomnia. I have found over the past few days that I can’t sleep and that my usual time for falling asleep is half 4 in the morning. I love sleeping (remember the magnet you got me saying that all the coffee in Colombia couldn’t wake me) and it is driving me insane that at 4am in the morning all I can think about is all the little changes that have occurred since I am back home. Like how the vegetable draw is now missing and I presume dead until I find its new location.

I’m mean the missing veg draw isn’t consuming all my thoughts but how things have changed in my family, how things have changed about me but super small things, like I was told today I do my hair slightly differently. I don’t know – maybe its the morning talk (you know how it was with 2am uno) what do you think chum?

Other than my insanity and my first day back at work nothing else to report – I am doing stocking filler shopping tomorrow so I shall let you know how that goes!

Love ya, your chummy Em x


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