London Calling

Good Morning Vietnam!

Sorry hey chum 🙂


(7 Sleeps to Christmas! Christmas here we come! Outside Selfridges)

Since you mentioned quotes i’m gunna see how many famous movie quotes I can fit into one blog (count and i’ll tell you how many there are in my next blog). I am curious about your panda essay – what’s the question? All my essay questions are exceptionally dull but yours sound so cool! Anyway why so serious? About your essay I mean – you can kick back and relax a little with some friends episodes (who wouldn’t) because you can live today and fight tomorrow and when you finish you can shout ‘I’m the king of the world!’ Although maybe don’t have the attitude of frankly my dear, i don’t give a damn. It is all elementary my dear Watson! I know you’ll do a great job and may the force be with you.

My day was good, I went into London and it was heaven there as per usual. There was a fleeting moment of feeling like I’m in a glass case of emotion of being hurt and longing to be in London every day; I wish I could live there but my mama always said ‘life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gunna get.’ So i still have the view of i’ll be back in regards to London (one day!). I went window shopping (it wasn’t as depressing as it usually is surprisingly) down Marylebone High Street and Oxford Street and I stopped in Liberty which is always lovely.

A Liberty Display
A Liberty Display

Did I tell you my parents met outside of liberty about 26 years ago for their first date? To meet up I mean not to have a date in the shop. I thought it was really sweet that they still remember and chat about it. When they first told me that I said ‘surely you can’t be serious?!’ In which mum replied ‘I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley’.  My parents keep surprising me with cute stories like this recently.

After window shopping (I had met up with my parents at this point as they had finished work) we went for a coffee and a cake, mum had a gorgeous looking cake and I immediately thought I’ll have what she’s having. Looking out the window onto the lighted streets of London for Christmas is beautiful and one of my favourite places to be – it just makes me happy. Christmassy feelings all bubble up, though I did think back to UEA and what life has been like there over the past three months and after all the drama I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship but I did definitely get a feeling that I’m not in Norwich anymore* (damn okay I did epically fail there but the ‘Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore’ line is classic and I needed to put it in somewhere, albeit failing).

Walking down Oxford Street
Walking down Oxford Street

Then the downside of travelling into London – getting back home. The train we were planning to take (different to the normal route home) was cancelled due to a crane falling on the tracks due to the heavy wind and rain so we had to walk even further to go to another station to get a different train home as this was the only way home now. Stupid rain. Stupid Wind. It was freezing chum – I don’t know if you would have made it in that cold weather (hehe) but I boldly told TFL (in my head of course, I’m not that insane) “You’ll always remember this as the day that you almost caught Emilly!”* Massive gusts of winds and torrential rain are nothing! We got to the second station and I exploded with happiness thinking again in my head (well hopefully I didn’t say this out loud) ‘of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine’ as a train standing waiting on the platform we needed! It was like the universe has finally allied to get us home, albeit I was dredged, hungry and tired due to only eating cake at 5pm and it was now 8pm – as you well know chum I constantly need food.

Anyway we finally got home and mum said “I’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse”* and so at 9.30pm I had a great dinner of veg (I don’t know where the veg came from still trying to find that illusive draw) and stew. That was pretty much my day. I did say I would tell you how shopping for stocking filler presents went – everything Is so expensive (shock horror I know) in what universe is it okay to put £30 things in a stocking and call that a bargain – £30 is not a bargain! Therefore I didn’t have a great day shopping aha but it was still fun, albeit lacking on the present front. I do seem to like the word ‘albeit’ today don’t i? I hope the quotes haven’t ruined my retelling of the day – no googling if you think it might be a quote! Although I have put a * if I have had to change it slightly to help. I also hope that you can spot them… ah well. I also realise that by the time I will publish this is will be well after midnight and therefore Thursday which is when you will do your blog… whoops.

Your chummy x


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