Busy Bee

Today has been a very busy day chum and I’m very tired.

I woke up at 10 after sleeping at 4am; I quickly got dressed and worked to finish my essay, which was due for 2pm. I think I leave things too late…

So cutting out the boring stuff, I finished the essay, submitted it with 2 minutes to spare – living life on the edge – and then started getting ready for dinner.

The temple I go to had organised a Christmas dinner in London – Vapianos? Something like that…

So I went Halfords because the indicator light on my car had stopped working, got that fixed, came home, washed my hair, this is very listy, dried it, picked out something to wear and was off to pick up some of my friends to meet at another ones house where her mum was ganna take us from.

In the end we went to the back up restaurant because Vaps was too busy. We ended up going to Wagamamas. It was the first time I went and was okaayyy… not as good as I thought it would have been, I had heard pretty good things. I wouldn’t mind going there again but I wouldn’t be over the moon. (Ps I keep telling you I need to tell you something and I never do when we meet, so yea, I still need to tell you, and there’s a reason I’m adding it in with the dinner paragraph where there are other people… hint hint?

When we finished from there, I then had to drive home at 12/1am ish and also the dilemma of my phone dying and not having that communication tool – that was kind of annoying…

All in all it was a good day and I’m happy that I finished my essay and I went our and had fun and relaxed.

Tomorrow I have to look after my nephew, probs just put a movie on or do some painting (ill send you some pictures chum) – I’m a great auntie 😉

I quite enjoyed your blog post about your Tuesday, may I just add – I go the hospital on Tuesdays to help out and volunteer. Fittest Doctor Ever! That is all

So your blog, I guessed 35 ish – it seems like quite a lot but I think you managed to fit that many in if not more.

Although there are only 5 more sleeps to go until Christmas, I am yet to feel Christmassy… It’s kinda sad, but maybe ill feel it soon. I assume because were not really watching movies, chilling out and just eating all day yet. We still have other family programs… they will never end…

Alas I shall take my leave now and bid you good night. Farewell and soon we shall meet again 😀

Night chum xx


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