My First…

Why hello there chum – long time no type!

Christmas was great with amazing food and lovely presents. I saw my relatives on two different days and both were good to see everyone. I love my presents – i now have Β£30 of itunes vouchers burning a hole in my pocket so if you have any songs etc to suggest please tell me!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! You sound as if yours was more interesting than mine – but I saw fireworks on the beach which was pretty πŸ™‚ mum and dad then went straight to sleep which was boring so i ended up watching tv and youtube vlogs (as usual) but it got me thinking about all of the firsts of the new year. I don’t know if this has been done before but i’ve thought of some questions about all the firsts in 2014. Its like the firsts tag but a new years special πŸ™‚

1. First youtube video watched – John’s video on vlogbrothers why 2014 might be the best year ever. It was quite uplifting (

2. First tv episode watched – I ended up watching the Top Gear Polar Challenge because I wanted to see snow x)

3. First film watched – I have yet to watch a film actually… suggestions? oh! I watched Wreck it Ralph the other day how cute is that film!

4. First outfit worn – a very boring one. jeans and a grey top and a very warm jumper.

5. First meal eaten – cheerios!

6. First thought of the new year – “ooh pretty fireworks”

7. First hug – from my mum

8. First happy new year text received – from my friend’s mum (although it was from the whole family its not weird ahah)

9. First happy new year text sent – A mass message sent to 8 people x) yeah *cough* chum you got a message 20 mins later.. I didnt have 3g or wifi for whatsapp to work sorry! Boy i feel bad now..

10. First place visited – well I visited Aldeburgh for new years so Aldeburgh

11. First book read – the final chapter of a Discovery of Witches… again

12. First time you have written the new date – yet to do so but i still write 2012 on dates so its not looking good aha

If you can think of any others just add them on πŸ™‚

I hope your okay chum and that this new year brings joy, prosperity and merriment!

Love ya Em x


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