3, 2, 1 Happy New Year

What a year 2013 has been but first, a Christmas update

On the 19th I spent my morning rushing to finish an essay due for 2pm and then in the evening I was in London with some amazing people, celebrating birthdays and having a pre xmas type meal- it was lovely although my phone died at around 6pm and I got home at 2am.. oops


The 20th December consisted of looking after my nephew and we made Christmas cards, however I think I was more into it than he was- none the less, it was fun


Skipping to the 23rd, my sister and I went shopping for presents. We are the type of family that do VERY last minute things. Presents, holidays, road trips, anything – last minute.. but I love it 😀

During the night it was sooooo windy and I think I slept at like 4am and at 1am there was this huge crash. We woke up in the morning to find that the neighbours (opposite us) their tree had fallen into our front garden.. so the road was closed and we couldn’t turn right from our house.


Christmas eve, I went to the hospital and helped out, was fun and Christmassy and yes chum, the doctor was there again (ahhh). Then in the evening we went to my aunties house as we do every year on the eve.

Christmas day at last! My auntie came over to ours and so did my sister and brother in law. Had a big feast and watched a ton of movies.


Boxing day we went to my other aunties house and played a lot of board games, card games and watcher Arthur Christmas.

27th – Hyde Park – winter wonderland


28th – My mums birthday, we had brunch in Windsor and then shopped and chilled

Went to Bedford on 30th – visited some family friends and then went to Go Outdoors and I bought some furry wellington boots (sooooo warm chum, soo warm)

NYE at the temple, same every year but I like knowing that I ended my year in p

rayer and started my year with a prayer. Couldn’t think of anywhere else to be..

New years day was the day we all planted ourselves on the sofa to watch movies until 6pm when we had guests (shocker). Back on the sofa at 9 and then peeled ourselves of at 2am after watching countless movies (I also started Vampire Diaries this day)


Today is the 2nd and although I wanted to change this year and do so much more, I haven’t and I get it, its just the first few days, I doesn’t even feel like a new year or a different year at that, just feels like life is carrying on. It does make me realise how time flies and truly does not wait for anyone.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and a wonderful New Year and we shall see each other soon chum

Love ya Diljot x


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