Firsts and Resolutions

  1. YouTube Video – a song that I first heard at my cousins engagement, its an instrumental with a few ahhs in it (
  2. First TV episode – Friends (Season 9, Episode 11, The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work)- why is every word capitalised?
  3. First film watched – New Years Eve (have seen it before though)
  4. First outfit worn – Thick leggings, top/dress thing, coat, boots
  5. First meal eaten – the potato thing that my mum made when you stayed over that time (pronta)
  6. First thought – bless me lord that I can achieve more this year and reach my goals that face me in this new year (kinda deep I know, but I always try and do a prayer)
  7. First hug – friends mum (she was sitting next to me, my friends on the other side, but she hugged me first 😀 )
  8. First text received – I started getting them at like 6pm on NYE, does that count- either was it was from people in a watsapp group
  9. First text sent – to you my chummy

10. First place visited – well I was at the temple, so there

11. First book – a little bit of The Magicians Nephew (1st book in Narnia series)

12. First time to write the new date – I also have yet to do this

My resolutions for this year:

I write them down in the hope that I can look back in a year and see that I have accomplished them

  1. Exercise more (3 times a week – good idea chum)
  2. Don’t say sorry – basically: don’t do things that you will have to says sorry for later

(I’ll let you know how I get on)


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