First off, I apologise! After speaking with you on Monday Chum (was it Monday?) and we decided that Wednesday would be my day and Friday would be yours, I have failed at the first hurdle… as it is clearly Thursday today. However, despite this minor setback I shall strive forward and continue on with my little ramble of thoughts that I call a blog.

The reason my blog is late is because I got caught up in my craziness this evening (although now it is past 1am on Thursday it was yesterday evening). Recently I have just gotten so busy with university, socialising and sleeping – I’m not going to lie. And due to this my To Do list has gotten ridiculously long. And so I sat down, went through my madness and tried to sort out my life. I then sat and watched YouTube videos for a break and I jotted down every job that I had to do. The list got to 21 things and its still growing of little reminders floating around in my brain. No wonder I can’t sleep or relax really.

I saw this picture on Pintrest and loved this. I have never related to a quote so much! Are you on Pintrest Chum? I can’t believe I don’t know this about you* :O

Anyway – after my tangent – I am trying to organise my life now so this won’t happen again! So now onto my actual blog topic which I thought of in Costa Coffee today; Firsts.

While my life has been so crazy I have missed so many firsts. I mean take this week for example; I took the plunge and bought my very first liquid eye liner (Seventeen Lacquer liner – wet look finish) I was convinced into doing so for three reasons:

  • You always look lovely when you wear it
  • In Tanya’s Valentine’s day she looked so good wearing it
  • The bottle it’s in looks so snazzy!

(btw chum you will have to teach me how to use it properly now)

Seventeen's Lacquer Liner [Wet Look Finish]

This was a major first for me because I’m not into spending crazy amounts of time on applying makeup – quite frankly if I’m not in the mood I won’t put any on and if I am in a mood and going out for a fancy dinner I will spend 5 minutes on the stuff and liquid liner has always seem a bit of an arduous process. Despite this – I want to try it because it looks so pretty! I’ll keep you updated and I’ll show you my first stupid attempt when I try it tomorrow morning.

Another first was this was the first week I tried mediation – the second week in my life where I went to Ballroom and Latin dancing (okay so not a first but we’ll let that slide, I’m so bad It might have well been my first week), first tipsy moment of the new year (I did only have a vodka and coke which had more coke that vodka) but I didn’t do anything stupid… I just kept rambling about mini cheddars – which let’s face it I do anyway as I love them so – and my first impulse buy which I might take back tomorrow.

But these would have all passed me by if I didn’t slow down to smell the roses (metaphorically of course) or to take the road less travelled to quote a one Mr Robert Frost. So don’t miss out on all these little things in life! Remember that Chum 🙂

Okay that’s all from me this week! I’ll write again and it should be up by 7pm every Wednesday – If not next time you can give me a punishment chum. *If you don’t have Pintrest get it! Just search for Emilly Kitching and you’ll find me – I may have started a wedding board…

Toodles Chum!

P.S. next week I’m going to write about if there is a point of primers/day moisturisers… as you can tell I don’t put an awful lot of effort most days so I’m gunna see what all the fuss is about and if I should actually need to wear them


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