Lion King

Since April is very busy this year, lots of weddings and birthdays, me and my sister decided to do something special for our mum and dads anniversary a little early.


We saw the Lion King in London. It was in the Lyceum Theatre a couple minutes walk from Covent Garden and there’s a cute little coffee shop outside it too – Charles Dickens Coffee House. We went by train and took my nephew

too; he really enjoyed it however seemed more excited to get back on the train.

photo 1

The stage was so cool and well thought out, it moved up and out and had spaces and the characters were on strings, which was a good effect. The costumes were also amazing and I liked how they had people act out objects and the scenery – like the grass. The stage and the costumes made the show I have to say.

photo 2

After the show we went to Planet Hollywood to eat and I had an amazing burger mmm.

We then had a little walk around London and went to the M&M world in Leister Square and bought some sweeties, which have all gone now.

photo 3

I would definitely recommend it to everyone and I would happily watch it again.

The next ones on my list to watch are: Wicked and Mama Mia


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