Bags Galore

As I am going to India very soon, I decided to get some of my shopping done early so that I’m organised and prepared.

One of the main things on my list was a new bag. The bag I have now has been staying strong now for 3 years. I got it on your 16th or 17th birthday? I saw it, picked it up and just payed for it, I loved it so much I didn’t need to double think. I got it from River Island, its black and has gold zip details and hardware on it. Although I said it was black, since I bought it, the colour has now turned a very light grey and the fabric has also started to rip and tear.

ImageIt is an amazing bag as I was able to fit so many things in it and the fabric was soft which allowed more room inside. It is still one of my favourite bags but unfortunately it was time for a new one.

So I went online, looked in stores and even got friends and family to try and find something that would be able to replace the one I have now. I know I can be very specific when it comes to clothes, but I never knew I was the same with bags. I think it was because I knew exactly what I wanted the bag to be like and look like and there just was no bag that met those expectations.

I received an email from a friend with the subject ‘bags galore’. I thought to myself, this is my last hope; if I can’t find anything now, ill just have to keep my battered bag. I was tired of looking for a bag by this time as if had been about a month, and if you know me, I like to just do this and get on. So I looked through the links she had sent me and came across 2 that I really liked and thought that although they weren’t exactly what I wanted, they came pretty close to the image in my head and would do. I know I’ve just been talking about bags but this was a month of my life, which seems so stupidly crazy right now…

Anyways I finally eliminated a bag after many thoughts and opinions, I even almost bought both… but here it is

ImageIt’s from Zara, size medium, perfect for traveling, and a medium soft material- enough to hold its shape but still flexible. A beautiful navy blue (you know I love my blues), it has 2 zips and a third inside the main one, black hardware and a strap to put over my shoulder (which is a must in a bag for me!). But all in all, I love it and am really happy that I found a good bag. I got it online and I have to say I was very nervous as to whether I would like it. The delivery was amazing and came in 3 days.



Very excited to use it now 🙂

(ps 2 of my fav books)


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