Late Arrival!

Hi Chum!

Your bag looks so lovely :O 😀 i definitely have bad envy! I apologise for this late delivery of my blog but as you know this week has been quite a difficult and stressful week for me which has resulted in this coming late- oops! Anywho! Lets awkwardly slide past that and move on! I can’t believe you are leaving and going to India again! I’ll miss you bucket loads but I know you will have a great time (and i am still holding you on the promise to take me there one day) 🙂

I recently checked my bank balance and cried inside again – i don’t know why its always a shock that i have no money because as soon as i do.. well it just disappears needless to say! On food, on bus tickets, on books and on society hoodies (probably not a necessity this one i admit but my environmental soc hoodie will look and feel amazing so in the end it balances out right?).

Therefore I shall have to start being more economical and sticking to a budget better! At the start of uni i was really good at sticking to money plans however things have slipped – but they shall not anymore! Of course i’m not denying myself treats and comforts but i shall simply have to find ways to be more economical so I can save my pounds.. for you know.. living.

You shall need to help me chum as I have already found something I desire deeply:


It is the Yellow daisy short statement necklace from river island, its gorgeous and oh so pretty. Its a chain necklace which I don’t normally like however I feel it just works with the bright yellow daisies. It just makes me happy and it encapsulates Daisy Buchanan from the Great Gatsby to a T (i did cave and watch the film before I read the book but its all the way back home but that is one amazing film btw).

But the worst part? ITS ONLY £12 – chum buying this necklace won’t break the bank I could live without £12 and have this amazing piece of jewelry, but that is also it’s main flaw in a student’s money problems – because most things we like won’t break the bank individually however added up… eek.

The link is here in case you want a better shot of it then my rushed snap in the store, which is most likely (

So I need advice – can I stick to a budget or should I throw caution to the wind and buy the necklace?

Your chum x

P.S. I’m glad you finally found a bag that meets your requirements – while i was in River Island I did look and see if they had your bag but they only had the mini version :/


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