Living Cheap

Why hello there chum!

Look this one is on time!!! :O shocker I know! I think its because my day has been pretty chilled to be honest. I got up relatively early and went to a lecture about….. efficiency and sustainability I think, whoops that went in didn’t it? Then had a lovely long break chatting to friends and had a cookie and a hot chocolate.. and then we went for afternoon tea! Then went to yoga so feel all de-stressed and lovely 🙂

The main topic of my blog today is basically being as lovely as possible on the fewest amount of pounds spent! Which as students I feel is exceptionally important! I have come up with a couple of ideas but would love to know if you can think of anything else 😀

1. The Heaven that is Lush; Lush are more than willing to give away freebies of any product except the soaps (as we both well know) and this should be a student’s first port of call for a face mask, cuticle cream or face wash! I love lush and its ethos however my face doesn’t like the face masks much to my disappointment! However the 99p ones in boots are FANTASTIC

2. Free Samples; Lets face it we always go back and walk past the person twice – even my mum does it (they were giving out galaxy bars down oxford street – another reason why London is the best) – and I have got two benefit products to try; Total Moisture Facial cream and Its Potent! Eye Cream which I cannot wait to try! Also if we are going un-beauty related – at uni we had a careers fair on Saturday – even if I have a career plan later in life I am going for the free food, the pens, bags, pencils, usb sticks and highlighters!!


3. Presents! Gotta love christmas, birthdays or surprises really. For christmas I was lucky enough to receive Eau De Toilette Cherry Blossom by L’Occitane (i mean how do you say this brand?!) and I class this as my first beauty grown up present. It smells gorgeous and I also have the body lotion and hand cream so right now I smell all springy 🙂

4. Department stores; trying on dresses, how do we not do this everyday? £100 is too much for a dress right now, but trying on is free if you are having an awful day

5. Boots and Superdrug cards; buying stuff from points earned in either of these shops is highly satisfying, and getting a free coffee at McDonald’s or my personal favourite, £10 off at Waterstones when you have 10 stamps! (Although if you want a free book libraries have tons) However, the other thing that Boots does is the vouchers for double points and other offers. One off they had was for a free moisturiser – CHUM ITS AMAZING! Its called Boots shine control day moisturiser with tea tree and witch hazel. Its perfect for my skin; the consistency is a little bit gloopy but it makes my skin so soft and I shall be repurchasing this when i run out, but I think its only £1.99 normally so it won’t even break the bank! I also found that compared to primers while i was reviewing primers a couple of weeks ago that a combination of a primer and moisturiser works best for a night out however for day to day wear – this moisturiser is perfect and literally takes 10 seconds – perfect for my ‘can’t be bothered’ attitude.

6. Rediscovering old favourites; i love when this happens and it isn’t really shopping but its still a change from the norm so thought i would throw this in! My recent rediscovery is the Jack Wills hand and nail cream. A little pricey but i’ve had this for a while now (i found it on my shelf back home during Christmas break) and I haven’t even got half way through the jar! It smells amazing and every time  I go past it now i have to put some on

7. Sale shopping; and last but not least the best of the best! I went to Claire’s Accessories the other day (strange being there, it hasn’t changed since I was 13 and I probably haven’t set foot in a Claires since i was 15) but everything was £1 and it was buy one get one free. Needless to say I bought many hairbands, hair grips and other assortments for only £2! Oooh i felt good that day, don’t you find sale shopping puts a spring in your step?

Anyway that’s all from me this week chum, I hope you are okay and travel packing isn’t too stressful (have you even started since we last spoke?) chat soon! Em x


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