My Future… er well you see…

Hi chummy!

Well you certainly went blog crazy on Friday didn’t you x) lovely work! Excellent ideas of how to spend valentine’s day, although spending it with that special someone, friends or someone who may be possibly be in-between those categories is far better than hiding in your room alone watching Beauty and the Beast (tv show not the Disney film although that is excellent), painting nails and eating chips was still a pretty good night so thanks for the advice! What did you do? I love the new pattern in the outfit kinda style in your new York fashion piece, I love clothes that make a statement like that so I shall have fun scouting new pieces like that with you 🙂

It a slightly weird best friend moment I was also thinking about good reads and I wanted to let you know that I have started to read The Odyssey by Homer. Crash Course are doing another course of literature and I am finally at the starting point of it! It shall be amazing, as all the others have been, you can see them here; . They are also doing to kill a mockingbird later on so you may want to bump up Harper Lee on your list so you can read it before the video! I have always wanted to read the classics but never got around to it – now I have a time frame so I shall read them! Although wish me luck with the Odyssey – it’s quite confusing at times :s After the Odyssey its Oedipus Rex and Hamlet! I shall be a well-read girl at least during my life.

I went to a careers fair last Saturday – I meant to write more about it last week but I chatting about trying to live cheaply (can you tell I was in a budgeting mode?) Anyway – I went to workshops and spoke to companies about jobs and such.

To conclude from that Saturday; I have little clue as to what I want to do. I still like the idea of being a teacher but I want to something else before that. I’d like to live abroad somewhere, I want to do something good for the world! (geesh how cliché does that sound?) but still its true 🙂

So if you have any career prospect suggestions for me that would be much appreciated because right now I feel like Rory:

Rory from the Gilmore Girls – from pintrest

But I have ruled out ecology (in the bat season you have to stay up at 2am in the middle of a field and count bats – sure It’s great for some but its not for me), anything to do with GIS (which is pretty stupid in geography and I will probably end up retracting that statement) and I’m not really wanting to go into development right now, I feel I could do more use to people with my bossy tone about climate change or volcanoes. But what do you think?

‘Cause then I should get work experience and internships like from now which is a little bit stressful considering I don’t know where to look for them ‘cause of my mum and dad (great timing I know)

So then the next thing about big grown up jobs is where they are – I mean should I look for stuff aboard?  I don’t want to leave you or anyone else behind though L So even if I did I’d probably come running back! 😉

Or should I do a masters? Where should I do a masters? What should I do a masters on? But then how do relationships factor into this? Or a future family? I would like to be a teacher when I have kids so that kinda requires me to think at the very least a year ahead of babies. By the way I think I want four kids now…boy I feel sorry for my future husband. ARGH what is wrong with my brain sometimes! Can I turn this planning, neurotic crazy side of me off do you reckon?

Oh and of course while this is occurring my pintrest folder about my wedding, future home and life continues to grow – I can while away hours on there looking at pretty pictures which really doesn’t help this craziness.

Does this sound a little strange coming from a first year uni student? Or is it sensible? Or both? …Yes these are the maddening thoughts that go on in my brain. Please tell me I am not the only girl who thinks of these things?

I mean Rory didn’t think about this stuff and she turned out great! (Its from Gilmore Girls – did I ever get you into that series? When you are done with Greys turn to the Gilmore Girls! Oh and Beauty and the Beast – that is AMAZING too 😀 )

Anyway – this turned into a little bit of a Q and A and I have a lot of uncertainties about the future, however the super far away stuff like kids are starting to become a little bit clearer. Maybe this thought process is backwards and I’ll eventually know what career I want. In the meantime stare at this smiling goat because he makes everything better in my eyes.

Toodles x



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