Lip Sticks

I’m going to be doing a make-up and skincare month, so join in and find out my favs.

I’m not a very lipstick kinda girl, I mostly prefer lip balms but on the odd occasion I will pull out a lipstick. The colours I mostly reach for are the ‘my lips but better’ pinky colour as its my safe zone.

The three that I wear the most are:


Revlon – Pink Truffle

This is one of the Revlon lip butters so its ‘buttery’ soft and smooth’s on nicely to the lips. It has a nice colour that is buildable and a good one to pop in your bag. It’s a good travel one as it’s moisturising and adds colour so you don’t look dead after a long flight.

I bought this after seeing the hype about it on YouTube and I have to say, it was worth the hype and I would totally recommend it. There are also a lot more colours available; I just tend to stay safe.

Retails at:£7.99 (Boots)

Rimmel – Heather Shimmer

This is the very first lipstick I got and as you can see it’s still going strong. It’s close to the end as you can see, but I still have a lot left to use. It’s my favourite ‘my lips but better colour’ adds a nice shimmer but doesn’t make it look too sparkly and glittery (I don’t really like that look… ahaa) its not as moisturising as the lip butter but has a good colour pay off.

I got this lipstick in a goodie bag from when I went to the clothes show and at first I was like, great what do I do with this, but it soon became a ‘must have with me all the time’ especially since I had lots of weddings that year – good wedding colour too, very elegant.

Retails at:£4.99 (Boots)

Model Co – Kitty

This is the most recent lipstick I have, I got it in a Birchbox that I was given as a birthday present. I didn’t think I would get much use from it as it looked very light compared to the Rimmel one (I tend to compare new lipsticks to that one, as I like the colour of that one and it’s a safe colour to wear) I decided to wear it out one day, and I happened to catch a look at myself in a window. I really liked how it made my lips look slightly lighter in colour and how it didn’t shine as much as Heather Shimmer. Overall, it’s a good’un.

Retails at:6.50 (Birchbox)

Overall I have decided, I have a good collection of lipsticks and am happy with the ones I have BUT I feel I need to step out of my comfort zone and try some different ones – not too crazy, but different to the ones I have. Hopefully ill have a new ‘crazy’ favourite this year, if I’m brave enough…


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