Mascara is the thing I will put on if I feel I need to make an effort, but not as far as eyeliner. That’s if I really want to make an effort..

Without further ado, my favourites:


Rimmel – Day 2 Night

Firstly, if I were to repurchase this I would get the waterproof one. This reason is because by the time I get home after a long day, I have specks of it under my eyes as it has flaked off and just fallen. Now not everyone in this world is as kind as you hope they are and even people you know don’t tell you that there are specks of mascara on your face that have crumbled off your eye lashes.

Apart from this – I love this mascara. The hold and curl that it gives the lashes before it flakes off is amazing. I don’t use the volume side as much as I find it is a little too clumpy, I like the length brush though and find it works better when there is less product on the brush (the volume side leaves too much on the brush)

I would just like to point out that on a normal day it does not flake (e.g. 7am-9pm) however my days are sometimes very early and end late (e.g. 6am-2am). Because of this, I look for VERY good mascaras.

Retails at: £7.99 (Boots)

Maybelline – Define A Lash

This I took from my sister… umm its good, but I would say it’s more on the heavier and volumised end of the spectrum. Unlike the Rimmel one though, there are nooooo flakes, which gives this a thumbs up. Its good at defining lashes, as it says in the name. One disadvantage for me would be that the brush picks up a lot of product and because it has a plastic brush, the product cannot be easily wiped on to the side (does anyone else do that… or is it just me.. awks)

Retails at: £14.45 (Tesco) – apparently discontinued

Natural Collection – Length

This is more of a liquid formulated mascara and me being me, I prefer mascaras which are a bit on the drier side (not completely shrivelled up, but also not too watery). The reason I have still added this to my favourite mascaras though is because when this does dry up a bit, I’m ganna give it a month or two, I can tell its going to be amazing and will work just as I want it to.

Retails at: £1.99 (Boots)

Rimmel – Lash Accelerator

I forgot to take a picture of this as it was in my bag, but none the less. It’s a great mascara, no flakes, perfect consistency, good lash curl hold and is just an easy going mascara. It pains me that I forgot about it, but I had to include it in the blog, picture or no picture. It’s the best!

Retails at: £7.99 (Boots)


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