The Obsessions of Reading


I know we have both spoken about reading before but I just feels that this highlights how important reading stuff is in our lives! Not just books but magazines, newspapers, academic journals and twitter posts. Therefore it deserves a mention in my culture month!

My Bookcase! Ah how I miss it when I am at uni!

My favourite book of A Discovery of Witches still stands however I have failed to mention other favourites that people need to know about. As you have mentioned a lot of your favourite books recently!

Some of my non fiction books! (it took me years and years to get the whole fiction/non fiction category thing aha)

I do have a thing for the classics – and Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin is amazing. If you’re not sure about classics watch the 1995 BBC adapted version and it will just sell reading it to you. Oh Oh and the Great Gatsby is on my reading list.. still :S I tried to read The Odyssey and did read/skim it but it was hard to read but beautifully written. I also love the plot twists of Dan Brown books, especially The Da Vinci Code and Deception Point – but not the Lost Symbol! I’ll give it another go however… A Birthday present that I received this year was The Origin of Species by Darwin. An odd choice you will exclaim however – read A Discovery of Witches and the chapter where Diana reads it by the fire will make you want to read it… or it did for me anyway! I’ll let you know how it goes! But as a student of bio you should read it 😉 Similarly I also want to read Stephen hawking’s a brief history of the time – so maybe classics that people always reach for don’t have to be fiction? Proof of this is the Winter King by Thomas Penn – although how good this book actually was, was debated in my history class heavily. I however loved it. Mine is still funny from me being caught in Venice rain but I love it all the same.

Morganville Vampire Series. Book 9’s change in author’s name seriously angers me

Can Harry Potter be considered a classic yet? But we both love that (I just had to mention it). If we are discussing the amazingness that is Harry Potter then Twilight should to be mentioned. Its good and I think people insult it too much, and as I read the series in 5 days I think it should be mentioned in my obsession over books; because clearly I was obsessed. However, a book series that never got that vampire hype was the Morganville Vampire Series which is one of my absolute favourite series. It’s so funny, good plot lines, so so funny, sweet and adorable and funny (did I mention that?) so even though the vampire train might be leaving the popular station – at least consider these books. They may seem juvenile (and I did start reading them at 14 I think) but at least in my head they are fantastic. On the subject of juvenile books – Meg Cabot! I never got into the Princess Diary books (although gotta love Anna Hathway) but I did love the Missing Series. Again I read these when I was slightly younger but they are a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine which I shall happily never be rid of.

Reading is art and should be appreciated all over the world and I shall make it my life’s mission to ensure that it is! And that can be remembering childhood favourites, reading new books, reading a news paper everyday – but lets face it, we all have an obsession with it really! That’s all folks!

Chat soon chum-chum. Much love, Em x


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