Movie Corrections

Why hello there chummy – once again I am here to chat about movies. 

I have been told by Charlie that I have missed out a couple of films plus I have already changed my mind! aha

  1. Any films with Leonardo Di’Caprio, Inception and Romeo and Juliet to name a few, should have been included 
  2. As should have Casablanca
  3. And musical films like Singing in the Rain, Grease and Dirty Dancing 
  4. 10 things I hate about you is also a classic and should be very high up 
  5. Along with the Bourne, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Back to the Future and (soon to be a trilogies) the Hobbit and the Hunger Games trilogies  
  6. I should have clarified that Disney films should have included Pixar and Dreamworks films too 
  7. Any film with Meg Ryan in from the 1990s should have a mention
  8. Star Trek films – ’cause you know I love sci fi films… and Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch 
  9. Charlie says Catch me if you can should have been higher but either way a fantastic film! 
  10. He also says that the old Gatsby Film (1974) is better than the 2013 version – I haven’t seen it but i’m reviewing this comment later aha 
  11. “who ya gunna call?!…. GHOSTBUSTERS” 

If you have any film recommendations for me to watch le me know! I am under oath to watch The Breakfast Club by midnight on Sunday. Happy Watching! 


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