What is Art?

Well hello there my best friend!

I love your midweek haul! I was thinking about buying the Rimmel Colour Rush so I’d love to hear what you thought! To continue on with my culture month I’m gunna talk about art today! I know some people may find it dull but I can’t understand why. Art isn’t just walking round museums and galleries (however I love them) it is pretty pictures on Pintrest, its messing around with the filters on Instagram (technically art?), its appreciating something important – be that a memory or a picture of the Grand Canal in Venice. 

Some of my favourite art pieces are posted around this pos… no wait they will be shown separately due to wordpress not letting me at the minute so apologies there! 

But I mean really what is art? Because technically a drawing by a 3 year old to a mother is the most beautiful art there can be. For me? Art is… Art is anything that is beautiful to the beholder; Jewellery, Canaletto or Da Vinci canvases, Photos and Memories – just about anything! I mean quite frankly the video below kinda makes me think of art – watch right to the end chum! (yes it’s a vlogbrothers video – have you gotten into them yet?) 

The Great Goose Migration – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC9BC37yjk8 

But another video that actually inspired this post, and culture month for me is the video below. I love how Sarah Urist Green talks about what art actually is and how it has evolved to include so many things which I completely agree with – hence my ramblings above obviously. Therefore – I have decided for the both of us that we are going to do the first art assignment and Meet in the Middle! – watch below and I know you will love it and we shall meet up in Easter. Okay. Cool. Done. 😀

The Art Assignment – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9lpMFPEj58 

Text me practical details 🙂 

Okay next month I promise not to yabber on about  art and talk about other things aha – I bought a new handbag a couple of weeks ago… along with a few other items (oops) so will show you that next week! Toodles chum x 


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