Disappointing Products

No 7 stay perfect nail colour varnish in… a peachy colour (I left it at uni WHOOPS! Apologies) retails in Boots at £6

The positives first; It is a great peachy apricot (I think I’m craving fruit today) summer colour and it goes with many outfits. However (wow the positive list wasn’t long when I thought about it) – It has taken me five layers of colour to get it to the bold peach colour I want. Also to stop the streaky-ness of the polish which I was very surprised about with No 7 as nail varnishes in the past have been amazing. However this one, not great! Therefore very disappointing….

Befri Brush – I’m not sure exactly how much this is as my mum bought this for me, however ebay says £25

Befri Hairbrush
Befri Hairbrush

I can’t think of any positives with this product… it looks funky? Mum wanted to get me a new hair brush because every time I brush my hair about half my hair comes out with it so her heart was in the right place (thanks mum!). However – we are taking it back because it is just awful! I hope you can take it back? I admit to only using it twice but that is because my hair broke one of the bristles and the eight supposedly flexible arms did not look like they were going to last long against my hair. I am so disappointed because its designed for think hair – is my hair just made out of concrete then? Tangle Teasers all the way!!

Yep that is pretty much it.

Literally so impressed with new products recently – do you feel the same or have I been lucky or just too positive?

Talk soon!


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