TV Shows

Welcome to my unhealthy obsession of TV shows, these are all the ones I haven watched or am watching


This is a classic that I feel everybody should watch at least 5 times even though there are 10 seasons. It’s funny, sweet, dramatic and soppy.


Pretty Little Liars:

This is a great one for people who like mystery and crime and murder? More of a mystery one I would say though, but it does have cute and funny scenes as well.


Greys Anatomy:

Shout out to all the medical fans out there. This is a medical drama and is one of my favourites. It does have a few gory scene for the squeamish ones out there but like the others, there are funny and sweet scenes too.


New Girl:

This one is an on and off one for me, its mostly funny and sweet, it’s a different story every episode and although watching it from the beginning would make sense, I think if you watched it a few episodes or maybe even a season in, you would get the jist of it.


The Vampire Diaries:

About vampires, if that wasn’t obvious, but also werewolves and hybrids and witches yet in no way like twilight! A good series to follow, I got sucked into it this January and I love it.


The Originals:

This is a side off one from The Vampire Diaries, has some of the same main characters and obviously extra people, different story line but still a good story.


Don’t trust the B in apartment 23:

This is kinda like New Girl for me, but more out there! Its funnier (at times), more dramatic and stupid funny; which is hilarious. And like New Girl, I think if you watched it a few episodes or maybe even a season in, you would get the jist of it.



This is a new one for me, im 10 episodes in and loving it already, its about how someone takes revenge to its limits, its crazy and scary but fascinating how minds can work…


The next TV show i think i want to start is Breaking Bad, let me know what you think, and also if there are any more you think I should watch.


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