Beauty Essentials

Mornin’ Chum!

I thought for today that I would discuss some of my top beauty essentials that everyone should just keep in their cupboards for ‘just-in-cases’!

First up is eye makeup remover – as you saw last Monday this is vital for eye makeup gone wrong and for when you are super tired and want to collapse on the bed as soon as you can. The one I highly recommend in the Nivia Visage Gentle Waterproof eye makeup remover.

Second is nail polish remover – an explanation is not required for this although I would recommend one that nourishes the nails when you take the polish off. I recommend Sally Hansen regular nail polish remover which has lots of vitamins and it works great for even glittery nail polishes.

Third is perfume – this is a recent thing for me but I feel like if you are having an evening out if I’m not sure of an outfit I have found that perfume makes me revaluate the outfit in a new positive light! I love the Jack Wills perfume called English Velvet and the Zara Women L’eau perfume (I love the fragrance that Hannah got me for my birthday 😀 )

Forth is leave in conditioner – not for all hair types I think but for mine it is as precious as gold and diamonds; I have super tanglely hair and without this stuff I think my hair would never be brushed through and would be forever knotted. I recommend the Boots Sun, Swim and Gym leave in conditioner for all hair types – smells a bit weird but works wonders!

And last but by no means least is face wipes – because although we all know cleansing and moisturising and all that faff is super-duper important sometimes we just can’t be bothered.

Peace out chum!


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