Nail Polish Dupes

Nail Polish Dupes, to save you from spending too much on things which you can find for a lot cheaper! Just to clarify, I think they are very similar, but obviously ingredients wise it would be different, the formulas don’t really make a difference to me, unless they are very watery or extra gloopy, which none of these were *phew* the formulas were all very similar I found. The nail polishes can be used as one coat but for the true colour 2 is best.


OPI: Ski Teal We Drop (NL Z16)
Max Factor: Prussian Blue (37)

Identical! I saw no difference! EXCEPT THE PRICE! and maybe size…?

OPI: Grand Canyon Sunset (NL L30)
Rimmel: Frisky Clover (290)

The flash drowned the colour but they are very similar. Side note: Grand Canyon Sunset is my all time favourite nail polish. Jus sayin…

OPI: Chicago Champagne Toast (NL S63)
Maybelline: Silver Plum (14)

Unfortunately the Maybelline one is very dried up and will be thrown away soon…

Essie: Merino Cool
Max Factor: Cappuccino (26)

I will admit the Essie one is SLIGHTLY more purple, but literally on the nails you can’t even tell

OPI: Yoga-ta Get this Blue! (NL I47)
Barry M: Navy (292)

Look how similar!!!

Essie: Turquoise and Caicos
Revlon: Eclectic (580)

I used my friends Revlon nail polish hence theres no bottle, but I loved it so much and found it so similar, I know I’ll be buying that one when this one finishes

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