Terrific Topshop

Mornin’ Chum!

Oh I do love bowties but my favourite is braces as you know 😉 I loved your nail polish dupes post! So useful when I next go nail polish shopping 🙂 I have found that Revlon nail polishes are great but my one true nail polish love will forever lie with Nails Inc. I am going slightly insane with revision so apologies if I stop making sense half way through.  

Anywho – recently I was fortunate enough for my mum to come and visit and we had a little trip to Topshop and she was lovely enough to pay for these beauties (thank you mum once again!) I have also briefly mentioned these purchases in my weekly vlog with very poor lighting so I hope these photos due this fabulous items justice! I’d also like to state that Topshop were doing a 20% off student weekend before you think that the total bill adds up too high!

First up are these jeans with a really lovely blue floral pattern which happen to also be super comfy! They retail at £40 which is a little pricy but I think that I will get so much wear out of them and they go with a lot of stuff in my wardrobe. 

                   Jeans from Topshop

Next up is a red t-shirt retailing at £26 which is a crazy amount for a t-shirt but with discount it ended up being free but still! It is a lovely burgundry kinda red but it also has crosses down and across the shirt but are faint and when the light shines through a little see though (but not too much) so feels summery and i love love love the colour. 

Finally I took the plunge chum and bought a skort – before you think that I am too insane Fleur de Force did say that she loves her two skorts so im not totally crazy. From the picture it looks a bit weird I grant you but when I wear it I’ll send you a picture. 

                Skort from Topshop


It retails at £34 but it is a really good quality which sometimes you find with Topshop stuff isn’t great. It has this great flowery pink pattern all the way round the skort with green and blue making contrasting background colours. I really like it and feel that with a grey or another block colour t-shirt that it will look really good for summer. 

What do you think of my purchases chum?



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