Self Confidence

“A feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgement”

realistic confidence in one’s own judgment, ability, power, etc”

self-assurance in one’s personal judgment, ability, power etc” The Dictionary of Psychology

Self Confidence is a tricky thing to find. However it is even harder to keep a hold of. People can have self confidence issues about loads of things; whether those be how we look, how smart we are, in our abilities… quite frankly anything. I have been battling with my self confidence all my life and I’m pretty sure so has every other single being on the planet. I mean we have role models and idols who starve themselves, or are bombarded with adverts about make up or listen to people talk about global issues we simply just don’t understand. It’s no wonder that we aren’t all running round like headless chickens due to our insecurities driving us mad.

I mean looking at those definitions of self confidence makes me question every part of me; even the skills know I can do like how to use grammar correctly. Don’t get me started on my issues with maths, spelling, my appearance or my memory.

It occurred to me that as this is the start of exam season for students of all ages (although not you because you have finished already! SO JEALOUS) that everyone must be worrying about the impending doom of exams and their consequent results (Ha see this is relevant to you chummy!). Therefore there will be a hell of a lot of reflection and self doubt due to issues with self confidence. Speaking personally about my insecurities I have a lot of academic ones and I put a lot of pressure on myself to do well, to the point of madness so these next few weeks will be really hard for me.

I’m not saying there are any answers to solving self confidence issues and I would never tell anyone how to deal with theirs because I can’t even cope well with mine! However by talking to friends, family, counsellors, pets, flat mates, role models, anyone that will listen will help immensely, because speaking from experience being sat by yourself in your room crying doesn’t help.

I will never be able to say that I am completely self confident but I know one day that I will wake up and not worry about little things about myself that I dislike. I just hope that so will everyone else too so that they don’t miss the great things life throws at them.

If you ever need inspiration then turn to these few websites and people for just that little bit of motivation 🙂




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