My first year of uni is finished!!! Technically it finished last week but ive been so busy doing nothing I couldn’t blog about it. TV shows, music and job searching has consumed me.

I think the main reason is I just don’t know what to talk about… I have a list of blog ideas on my phone but I don’t feel like doing any of those… I feel like just talking, like you would talk to a friend. I probably feel like this because I’ve been stuck at home all week. I have to admit, it’s the worst! I am so desperate to get out of the house or revamp my room, but the things I want require help, which sucks really…

Since I’ve wasted a week, I’ve decided this next week will be more productive. I aim to find the courage to cut my hair, and then do it obvs, I also want to get a second ear piercing… but we’ll see when that happens. Might go running in Burnham Beeches? It sounds fun in my head but I know by the time I get there, I would rather just walk home…

Achievement of the week: I can do press-ups! Although to some people this may not be a big deal, but for me, I could do them but I was always so shaky. Now I’m not! That makes me happy 🙂

Saviour of the week: music! I rediscovered my spotify account when a rowing club at uni had a competition with another uni where they had to get the most people following a playlist (they went round with laptops making people follow it :L) . I am in love with the playlist, its great. Bonus: they won the competition!!

That’s it for the week, hope your revision is going well chum 🙂


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