Being ill

Hello chummy!

This week I have been ill and I have worked up a list of five key things that ill people need to have. Some are obvious, in fact all are obvious but I’m ill so deal with it chum.

  1. Anything with lemon in it – be that lemon tea, lemon squash, hot lemon squash or an actual lemon seems to always help me
  2. Comfy clothes – is there any explanation needed? Leggings and big comfy jumpers is a must. Quite frankly any day needs comfy clothes
  3. Tissues – another key survival object that needs no explanation however while having a cold this week I am without tissues! Using toilet roll just isn’t the same
  4. Carmex – I never really think about my lips when I’m ill but while being ill I have found it comforting to have nice lips
  5. Films – some cheesy rom com that you can fall asleep to is the perfect

Has your week been productive like you said? I told myself I would but having a cold has messed that up slightly. I’m so proud that you can do press ups! I’ve started doing three sit ups every time I come back into my room (thanks Charlie for the irritating but now obsessive idea) but it’s been put on the backburner while I’m ill – can you tell I’m a delicate little flower when I’m ill? Maybe you should do that with press ups! A link to that Spotify account would be nice if possible… HINT HINT

Anyhoo – chat soon!


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