Coping with Exam Pressue

Hello Chummy! Your paintings are absolutely B-E-A-UTIFUL

I am in the midst of exam season now, in the height of panic, worry has taken over my brain and I am under constant pressure to revise and ace my exams.

So how on earth do I deal with that?

Well my first answer would be poorly but i’m getting better! And I thought I would share some ideas with you!

Firstly, know what you are walking into – look at past papers, any clues teachers/lecturers may have given you and the contents page of a key textbook also helps. This means that you get a holistic image of the stuff you have to cover and how you will be tested on it.

Secondly, organisation – something we both love Chum as it comes down to colour coordination and writing lists. Plan to do a few things each day – try not to say “i’ll revise for 7 hours” but do it in tasks as it seems less laborious, at least it does in my head.


Thirdly, break up topics into chunks, so again, it doesn’t seem like loads of work and you are climbing a mountain. I then condense these notes further and put them on mind maps – gosh I love a good mind map.

Fourthly, a stage I struggle with I admit, when you say you are going to work – you work. Phone goes off, Facebook goes off, tell your parents and flatmates to leave you alone for an hour so you aren’t interrupted. This way you will appreciate your breaks and actually learn stuff when you are revising.

And finally, please don’t worry too much. In my experience, when I worry and panic I don’t retain any information that I have learnt that day. If I break it up into chunks and go through it well then I feel more confident that I have learnt the information and less likely to panic.

Hope this helps you exam takers this summer! Like this blog if you should be revising right now…


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