Oh London

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This week has been the busiest since finishing uni, which is good because most days I was very bored and ended up either watching TV shows or reading. The week started on Tuesday when my sister and I went to ExCel in London to the May Design Series. I imagined it would be very boring as its basically an exhibition about newly designed furniture, bathroom appliances, fabrics, lighting, yada yada yada… It was more interesting than I thought it would be and although at one point I imaged my bed at home waiting for me, I was glad I went. The best thing about it I would say was all the designing that had gone into the set up. It was all brightly coloured with pink, orange and yellow poles that outlined the basic structure of the exhibition.

mds copy

DX-Freight-Design-INTERIORS-LDN-at-May-Design-Series-2013-UK copy

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ootd_41 copy

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Next in the week was Thursday; this trip had also initially started with my sister planning something architectural… The mission for this day was to buy a dress for our cousins 40th birthday party on Sunday. I had one in mind so I was very happy when I went into the shop, picked it up, tried it on, paid and left. It is probably one of the quickest shopping trips I’ve ever made! Next was to buy a present for her, a Harrods gift card perhaps? This one was funny because we had seen that Debenhams did gift cards in a box and we wanted it to be all fancy. So we walked into Harrods and asked almost every worker where to go because we got lost (3 times) and were given wrong directions (twice). We were old to go to the concierge (which to be honest we had no idea why…). Anyways we didn’t even know if Harrods did gift cards in a box, we just wanted one, and in the end we left the shop with one. Then we finally went to the architectural talk that we had gone into London for. It was a mission to find, in the middle of nowhere, it was 1.5hrs and I fell asleep during it. Note to self (and to you): never go to an architectural talk – they are boring! (Unless your in the field, the continue). Last but not least, we went to chocywocydodah in Carnaby. Although the chocolate was amazing and tasted different than normal chocolate, it has put me off it for a while. It was very very sweet and we couldn’t even finish what we had ordered. However it was nice in moderation and the atmosphere was bubbly and happy.

Unknown images-1

All the pictures in this post are not mine because I didn’t take any pictures except some funny ones of my sister, but I wont embarrasses her today. Therefore they are all from the internet, I just googled them, I don’t have the links, blah blah. Find them yourself if you really want to know. Byeeeeee 🙂


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