Hula-hoop Review

Basically, I bought a fancy hula-hoop.
It’s got magnetic weighted balls stuck on the inside of the hoop so when you do it, it puts pressure on your stomach and back areas toning it all up. What else you ask? Well, because it’s weighted you use up more calories trying to keep it spinning around you. The hula-hoop is size adjustable as well when you want it to be more of a challenge, the hoop can be broken apart and made smaller. The larger the hoop the easier it is to keep it up.

photo 1
It was very easy to set up and put together, just click in the plastic parts together. When I first got it, I was a bit unsure of the plastic, but its really strong and easy to get use to.

In the first week it is recommended that you only hula for 3 minutes, as it can be quite painful. During the second week, build it up to 5 minutes. After that slowly increase the time until you’ve reached 20 minutes. Then do 20 minutes intervals. For example: once you can do 20 minutes without stopping then try doing 20 minutes without stopping, but twice a day, maybe morning and night…

So far I can hold it up for around 10 minutes before I crumble. I have to say the first week was the worst, I sometimes didn’t feel like doing it because it hurt so much from the previous day but after a minute or so the pain was gone. Until you stopped after the 3 minutes…
photo 4 I haven’t adjusted the hoop size yet, I have been thinking about it but I can’t stand the idea of not having the colours alternating; so I’m leaving it for a day when I have the courage to face that. Also I have to say, although painful, it is quite addictive. I’ll find myself finishing watching TV series at around 1 or 2 am (I’m working on it…) and think hmm I’ll just do some hula-hoop before I sleep. I always regret this decision in the morning but I always do it again the next day.

Hope this review was helpful, and once I’ve got to 20 minutes I’ll do an update
Byeeeeee x


2 thoughts on “Hula-hoop Review

  1. Hi! That’s a nice review. Do you still use it daily?
    I love hooping, but my hoop doesn’t have the message balls so I can do tricks other than waist hooping, and that’s really fun!
    I was wondering, would you mind if I translated your review into French and posted it on my blog ? With a link to your blog of course 😉
    Bye bye 🙂

    • Hey, thank you. I do still use the hoop daily, i’ve built it up to 20 minutes now and try to do it every other day. I think even without the massage balls in the hoop, hula hooping is still a great way to tone up the stomach and abs and is really fun. Yes you can translate the blog into French, that would be so cool! we’ll be sure to look out for it on your blog 🙂

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