Everyday Exercise for us Lazy Folk

I don’t know about you guys but I hate exercise. Quite frankly I should go plug this laptop in before it dies however that requires moving so I’m just gunna type super fast.

Due to my laziness I just cannot find the motivation to actually do exercise so I have tried to come up with a few ways to get exercise into my daily life so I’m somewhat healthy!

1. Take the stairs – trust me after 5 days it really isn’t as laborious and seriously helps the thighs

2. Have lunch outside – kinda linked to the first one but if you wonder to the park or something that is still walking and getting fresh air

3. Waterfights – waterfights with friends counts as exercise, I mean think of all the running you do…

4. Heavy handbag – carrying round a bag with a book, make up, keys, phone etc is heavy and carrying it around is a good way to build muscle

5. Shopping! – This isn’t an encouragement to shop more but wondering round stores, carrying bags, walking from store to store – it all counts people

6. Being Helpful – offer to carry someone’s food shopping bag or push your friend’s/family’s buggy more (Not a strangers – no stealing babies okay!) but this can help tone muscles and if you are pushing it up a hill like I was, really raises the heart rate!

More great news about lazy exercise found here! : http://xfinity.comcast.net/slideshow/news-badhabitsgoodforhealth/1/


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