Mini Workout Series

Lets workout!!

Step one – Stretches
–       Lunges
–       Tip toe calf stretch
–       One foot in front of other straight and weight on the bent leg (name?)
–       Pull arm across body and hold (no idea what its called)
–       Hand over shoulder reach as far down (again, no idea)
This is the most important step to ensure that you aren’t in a lot of pain later.

Step two – Cardio
–       Running
–       Jogging
–       Skipping rope
–       Etc.…
photo 1
Step three – Specify
–       Plank (abs)
–       Press ups (abs and arms)
–       Squats (quads, gluts and a little abs)
–       Sit ups (abs and stomach)
–       Leg lifts (hamstrings)
–       Hula hoop (abs and stomach)
Repeat steps two and three if you feel like you can still go on. And before you finish, don’t forget to stretch again.
photo 3
If there are any other exercises you like or do you can do those instead or add them in, mix and match it to what you feel comfortable with. I would recommend doing this for at least half an hour every day if you feel ambitious or maybe for when you eat that pizza and ice cream and now feel like you shouldn’t have… it’s okay…

To switch it up sometimes I like to head over to YouTube and do some Pilates with Blogilates.
I have to admit, its pretty intense and can be difficult but stick with it, its ganna get good.
photo 2
Good luck Chum


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