Sport on TV – good or bad?

Throughout our fitness month on ChuckleChums I have been trying to motivate myself to keep healthy and do regular exercise (although sometimes failing because getting out of bed is quite difficult). However, without this fitness month I’m not sure I would have tried so hard to be healthy. Therefore I am asking if having sport such as the World Cup and Wimbledon, which is now gracing our TVs, actually encourage the general population to exercise?

Now I did actually google to see if there was research about this but I couldn’t seem to find anything but I personally think that having sport on the TV can make a difference in people’s exercise routine. Kids want to be like their heroes and when my next door neighbour cheers when he scores a goal to celebrate, his team is certainly doing better than the UK did at Brazil right now. Similarly, from personal experience I always get the tennis itch when Wimbledon comes on.

However this did backfire today as I watched Wimbledon the film today (have you seen that film? It’s a favourite of mine 🙂 )

The other aspect of how this idea of mine could backfire is that people do sit and just watch the TV… which isn’t too good for exercising.

But I will still go with my idea that having sport on the TV will help people exercise/partake in sport because people see all of these amazing role models (not the pumped full of drug kind though – those are bad) and want to join in.

Do you agree?


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