Helping others :D

I know technically that this is meant to be a food post to start off our Food Month however I have yet to cook anything this month that is of interest. So I thought I would write about helping others since that is a big thing in my life at the moment!

I have decided to cut off eight to ten inches of my hair to be donated to The Little Princess Trust to be made into a wig for a boy or girl suffering from hair loss due to illness such as Cancer or Alopecia. The charity work with specialists to make the wig as close to the child’s original hair to help with the transition of hair loss. Some children find loosing their hair to be a horrible experience so I want to help someone’s life become a little better during these difficult times.

I think that it is amazing that strangers can help strangers through so many different avenues! I mean volunteering in a charity shop, doing a sponsored walk (do you remember those from school chummy?), shaving off hair, dressing up to doing doing crazy activities like bungee jumping – all in the name of helping others.

There is always talk on the news about people harming people but i’m sure there is an equal amount of people trying to do good in this world which is important to remember.

To find out more information about my personal fundraising look here –

To find out more information about The Little Princess Trust look here –

P.S. On a slightly more selfish note – I will need a new hair style once my locks are chopped off; any suggestions? It will be about shoulder length – tell me your thoughts 🙂


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