Learning to Cook #2

During the past couple of weeks I have learnt a few new skills to do with Cooking which I feel make me look more professional in the kitchen despite the fact that in reality I’m still pretty close to my cooking knowledge before. My boyfriend will still only let my be in charge of stirring when we have cooked dinner. I’m still a long way off from being trusted with a knife if he has anything to say about it. One day…

1. Wear an apron. Sounds simple but an apron (no stupid puffy hats) with a few flour marks and a confident smile makes you look like a proper chef in the kitchen when friends come over.

2. When cutting chicken place the point of the knife just above the top of the meat on a chopping board, placing fingers either side of the meat with the knife over the middle of the chicken (fingers over knife just to clarify) and slice downwards in a confident (yet slowish) motion. This leaves straight bits of chicken and fingers are safely avoiding the knife.

3. If you are unsure on the seasoning front – don’t put nothing in the dish. Go with the mixed herbs jar.

4. Doing fancy icing on a cake requires time. Do not leave this 5 minutes before guests arrive. Practice the day before or if, like me you, don’t want to waste icing draw out templates on grease proof paper and then cut ready roll icing from those shapes.

5. The art of chopping vegetables fast is tricky. First rule is to fold back the first bit of your fingers (where your nails are) and hold the vegetable to try and limit fingers being chopped off (that wouldn’t be good). Second rule, start off r-eee-aa-l-l-y slowly and practice over time. I get bored of practicing but it will be worth it in the end!

Hope your cooking is going okay!


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