What I’ve taken to university for my second year

Apologies for not posting recently. Had a bit of a chaotic few weeks but things should hopefully be back to normal now as I have missing blogging to you lovely lot. I’m now back at university and actually living in my own house this year! It seems crazy that I now have to pay water bills and check the gas meter readings – i’m really not responsible enough!

But anyhoo – I thought I would tell you some of the key things I have bought with me this year to start off my second year of uni!

1. Clothes; a necessity. Of course the amount of clothes you deem a necessity is variable – my amount? A lot. Its a bit of a funny time of the year where you need sweaters but the other day I wore shorts. So a range of clothes is ideal (sorry dad about having you to haul my suitcase(s) up the stairs!)

2. Shoes; again the correct amount is your opinion. My boyfriend  only owns 3 pairs of shoes whereas to uni I have brought 10. Posh shoes, posh heeled shoes, pumps, trainers, boots, heeled boots Рyou get the idea I just want to cover all of the bases.

3. Stationary; my favourite thing on this list tbh. Post it notes, note pads, pens, pencils but of course don’t bring too much – what is the freshers fair for?

4. Cooking equipment; I admit last year my cooking skills were nil. Appalling really. So this year is time to change and I have brought multiple pots, pans, plates and oven proof dishes and so far i’ve already made brownies and a pasta bake.

5. And finally, all the things I forgot; Passport, extension cord, food and my hairbrush (don’t ask how I even forgot that)

Happy second year!


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