A Night I will Never Forget

A couple of weeks ago I had the fortunate chance to go to an event where Stephen Fry was talking and it was such an amazing evening that I wanted to share it with you. Two things he said I feel will always stick with me.

Firstly, it was his descriptions of his mental illness. I do not wish to turn this into a rant about how we should change mental health care, or spotting signs early on in children, but it was the best description I’ve ever heard of someone trying to explain being bi-polar to someone who has never experienced it. Quite frankly the way he spoke about the darkness descending, the utter feeling of hopelessness and complete loss of motivation to help yourself just made me want to stand up and give him a hug, not because i felt sorry for him i quickly add, but because I couldn’t believe that anyone having gone through that is willing and brave enough to talk about it to a room full of strangers. It has made me review my life and want to help those who are struggling this problem but also made me feel incredibly lucky that the problems I have faced seem incomparable and minuscule.  It has also made me respect him so much more.

Secondly, he said something that struck a cord a chord with me. And that was “curiosity killed the cat but it created homosapians” and for someone who is constantly curious it was a relief to find another person like me. My school experience was positive and I enjoyed myself however I wouldn’t say that some fellow students also had my curiosity and enjoyment for learning, which at times made it difficult for me. Similarly, when Stephen got to the University of Cambridge, he didn’t always enjoy himself as he felt he thought and saw things differently than others. That is me to a T sometimes. I am very glad that I have met many people like me and I cherish them greatly, and this evening highlighted to me once again that it is okay to be curious and it should be enough couraged more.


2 thoughts on “A Night I will Never Forget

  1. To quote Stephen Fry himself, “Oh my wordy wordington!” I lost my WordPress password for ages, and had no idea all this brilliant blogging is going on about twenty feet away from me! I’ll definitely update my blogs and log in to read your stuff more often now (or just actually ask you about stuff in person…) x

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