Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy…


Not going to lie this week I have been feeling exceptionally stressed and busy with university assignments. They just seem to keep piling up much to my annoyance.

I know that university is supposed to be busy and I am happy to do the work.. (well theoretically) but the dilemma of what to do with my free time now that is so scarce is now vital. Do I watch YouTube? Do I hang out with friends? And the all important question – Do I just fall asleep?

One thing I have found that is the greatest thing to do in my free time is take a bath. Never been a bath person but the opportunity arose for me to have the house to myself so I whacked up the music, sang along to Taylor Swift (among other, some would argue better artists), had a facial and painted my nails. BEST HOUR EVER.

Anyway, I want to know what you do in your free time. It could give me some ideas to de-stress the next time submission week is upon me (may the next four weeks go snail pace slow)


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