I’m Back

So it came to my attention that my scheduled posts had run out, but fear not, I’m back on the bandwagon hopefully. Uni has been very busy, learning more stuff, difficult stuff, and things I knew but have actually forgotten, things I have no idea about and really should know, and things I just have no clue about. So the past month has probably been a big catch up and sticking my head in the books. I have now emerged as a beautiful butterfly, or shall we say a dying hobbit, because that’s a closer representation about how feel.

Anyways, many exciting things to come, there’s a nail tutorial, a ‘what I wore the most in October’ post and many more…

Ways to distress you ask? Well having a bath, reading fiction and listening to music would be the first ones that come to my mind. Maybe some window shopping, watch a movie, a horror movie alone, a stupid movie with friends, sit in a coffee shop, order something you’ve never tried before, paint your nails, buy candles and make your room smell like a cupcake, do some yoga… that’s all I can think off, hope it helps.

Also I LOVE Taylor Swift’s new album, it’s a good one to dance around to.


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