Ethical Beauty


During our time writing this blog, we have never really spoken about if the products we are using are ethical chummy. We don’t look at where the materials have come from, the conditions for workers, if animal testing is involved – and I want to know why is that? Surely it should be a natural thing to want make up and beauty products that have come from an ethical background.

We expect it of banana’s so why shouldn’t we with beauty? 

Looking through my make up bag only one of my products even mentions ethical sourcing of materials. All the rest conveniently ignore it. I want this changed. I understand that it is my choice of where I buy make up from but why should all make up companies not mention if the products they are selling is ethical? Like I said, It happens with food and clothing so why not beauty?

For a few years now it has been illegal to sell products which have been tested on animals within the EU which is a great step into making products ethical. Image wise The Body Shop has come under some heat since L’Oreal bought the company (which is then partly owned by Nestle and we all know Nestle’s dodgy ethical history). L’Oreal has a history of testing products on animals which has led people to now worry that the Body Shop’s ethical stand point is slowing being degraded because of their parent company. However the store stands by its ethos of having workers treated fairly and has been against animal testing for many years now. For a more detailed look at the Body Shop read this webpage on ecosalon’s webpage ( It gives quite a hollistic approach to viewing both sides i think. But at least the company is spreading awareness.

What about make up that is in Boots or Superdrug? Nothing on any of the stands mentions being ethical, in my experience anyway. Nothing on the packaging – only on some if the product can be recycled (not saying that isn’t a win!). I think companies should display some kind of description of what kind of development process has happened leading to the product being sold  Surely isn’t it a right of consumers to know the stuff you are applying on your face came from a background of responsible sourcing of ingredients, workers being treated fairly and the process of developing the product ethically?

What do you think?

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