Review of January

The good, the bad and the ugly of everything that has happened in January for me

Good afternoon Chummy,
I thought for this week I would review what has happened in January and how 2015 has gone so far. 

The rediscovery of bubble baths and their magical properties (post coming soon)
I may have done a wee bit of sale shopping
Being back at uni is great
I recently bought myself the Nars Lip pencil set and it has made my life beautiful

Right now, it’s very cold
I have been average/satisfactory at my new years resolutions so far… so its not looking too good for the future
I hate budgeting…

Having Charlie visit was great fun,  with Cards Against Humanity now being my favourite game (thanks for that C)
The sports centre at uni is now doing great discounts which motivates me (a little bit, Lauren,  my housemate has made cupcakes and that is motivating the lazy side in me – but equally the cupcakes are a stand out too)

Hope you’ve had a good month ☺


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