Marks and Spencer: The Surprise of 2014

Marks and Spencer. The place known for where your Grandmother loves to shop. But, I would like to flip that view on its head.


I have discovered M&S do make up now, much to my surprise. And that is actually really good. I’m not talking the holy grail of make up shopping, but if you’re on a budget and you want good quality – it works. I’ve tried a few things from there now and each one has quickly become a staple.

First up is this Limited Collection lip stick. It has a lovely plum, pink colour (called Mallow) that is really moisturising and perfect for literally any occasion. It does fade after a while but other than that i have no complaints. I got this in the sale for £3.

Second is this eye liner. Its one of those eyeliners you use to brighten the eyes and to look not so sleepy and for me, it works really well. You can’t automatically know its there but your eyes look more awake. I think I also got this is the sale for £2?

Lastly is this eye shadow crease brush. Its great for well putting eye shadow in the crease. Not sure I can describe this any further. It does what it says on the tin and its great at it. These last two products I don’t were made by M&S but I’m still counting them as I got them there.


M&S is known for clothes so it should be no surprise that clothes should be mentioned. But when you walk in, walk straight past the Classic and Autograph collections and head for Limited Edition and Indigo. This is where so many of my favourite clothes are from. Seriously.

First is this tee. Its great for every season, with being perfect for summer but also for winter under a few layers when pops of pink burst out adding some much needed colour. It feels amazing and it doesn’t even need to be ironed.

Then come these jeans. The comfiest jeans ever. These put my Topshop Leah jeans in danger. They are a kind of jegging but still good quality and comes in a range of colours. I have quite a few. I’ve got a few compliments on them and people are surprised when I said they’re from M&S.

Finally, these boots. Ah my lovely boots. About an Inch heel which I can actually walk in properly. Comfy, warm and stylish; the perfect combination for the current season for my footwear. They zip up at the sides and go with so much stuff meaning I can always count on them.


I’ll get straight to the point with this one. £2.30 for a luxury hot chocolate. Delicious, chocolaty and the mini marshmallows just make it perfection. The seats are fine, its always clean and brightly lit. Also, if you don’t want to make dinner they have food there which is amazing. Okay, I’m gunna stop writing about this as I’m getting hungry at the thought. All round its just a nice place to be.

So, the place known for where your Grandmother loves to shop? fancy a visit?


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