A Guys first experience of… Plucking eyebrows

This is a new mini series i’ll be doing on ChuckleChums just to add a bit of light humor to the activities we do to make ourselves feel more beautiful. I’ll be getting an opinion of beauty measures from a guys perspective for the first time he does it. First up to bat, eyebrow plucking. I admit, bit of a mean one to start off with but it was hilarious. It started by accident when my boyfriend came to visit and I ran out of time before he arrived to pluck my eyebrows and he became interested. He wanted to try plucking mine after a while. I have to admit I was a little bit scared but I gave him rules where to pluck hairs and told him not to poke my eye out with the tweezers. With baited breath I waited for him to take his first move. Wasn’t painful. Actually it was great. Does anyone else sneeze when they pluck their eyebrows? Please tell me someone does so I don’t feel quite so strange. Every three hairs that I pluck, I sneeze like clockwork. I can’t pluck my eyebrows after 11.30pm for fear of waking up my housemates. But when my boyfriend did it, I didn’t sneeze once. I don’t know why and I would really love to know. After a while, when both of us had got used to it, and he stopped rubbing his fingers over the newly plucked eyebrow, I let him shape that a little bit. In the end, my eye brows are the best they have ever been. A eyebrow plucking genius has been discovered! Needless to say, I’ll be getting him to always pluck my eyebrows from now on if I can. Sadly, he started to dislike the activity when I plucked his eyebrows. He couldn’t believe how painful it was and it didn’t last long. I think I plucked about 5 hairs in total. But I really don’t blame him, it seriously hurts. This was a great first adventure and I can’t wait for the next time he encounters another beauty related adventure. I’ll keep you guys posted. If they are all as successful as this one, I’ll never let him leave.


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