Dilemmas with Dry Skin

This may not be the most amazing topic, but its something a lot of people have to deal with, including me.

For around two months now, I have developed eczema around my eye area. My eye lids have been itchy. It is the most annoying pain in the world. Itchy eyelids are THE WORST. And because of that, I thought I would go through what has helped me deal with this irritating pesky problem.

A Flannel – having a new soft flannel has really helped me because while i’m washing my face its easier to not irritate the dry skin because its softer and stops my nails from catching on the area but still allows a deep clean

Face¬†wash – I’ve got a new face wash (thanks mum!) called Salcura Omega rich face wash which is for dealing with dry and sensitive skin. Firstly it smells amazing (very citrousy) and secondly is does the world of good for my face – I can’t recommend it enough

Moisturiser – a new face moistriser has really helped me lately (thanks mum again!). Its called Salcura Zeoderm and its specifically for dry skin, like the face wash.

Eye cream – this step can just help to keep the dry skin at bay once the dry skin has died down but it can also help to stop you itching (which I am guilty of and it never helps). I’ve found the boots cucumber eye cream to be great.

Baths – the hot steam really helps destress you which in turn stops you being tired, inching eyes and generally help you to combat dry skin better. Plus the steam really helps moisturise your eyes – a flannel on the specific dry area while in the bath is amazing.


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