Hi we’re ChuckleChums, I’m Diljot and I’m Emilly. We met in year 7, when we were just 11 and 12 years old.

The first time we met was when we were made to sit next to each other in maths *groan*. Diljot, being the OCD freak wanted to organise my pencil case since I had apparently not done it in the right way. (What even is the right way to organise a pencil case?)
Emilly looked at me weirdly after saying ‘no’ which made sit there awkwardly… Surprisingly she wasn’t my biggest fan but a year later we became chums *naw*

We both used to talk and chat about all sorts so since we both go to uni now we don’t get to see each other as much as we did. We decided to start a blog so that we would not miss out on each other’s daily nonsense.

Hope you enjoy the nonsense with us
Thanks for reading

Emilly and Diljot x

You know you want to…
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Pintrest – E
Tumblr – D


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