A Guys first experience of… Plucking eyebrows

This is a new mini series i’ll be doing on ChuckleChums just to add a bit of light humor to the activities we do to make ourselves feel more beautiful. I’ll be getting an opinion of beauty measures from a guys perspective for the first time he does it. First up to bat, eyebrow plucking. Continue reading


The Top 5: Blogging

Half Baked Harvest
Amazing food recipes, with a blog which is easy to follow and find recipes on. There are lots of varieties and choices, from vegetarian to snack food, cakes and healthy foods.

Man Repellar
Life advice and help for your fashion dilemmas. The blog posts are hilarious to read and also very down to earth giving a true point of view. This blog is also not just run by one person, so the information that is being given isn’t biased.

Anna Rike
Not so much of an informative blog, but the outfits that are put together have had lots of thought put into them and they work well.

The Blond Salad
Similar to Anna Rike’s blog but with a bit more variation. This blogger travels often and shows the outfits that can be worn in many areas.

The Beauty Department
Hair, make up, beauty blog. Advice and tips on the best and worst of items, products, hairdryers, and allsorts. From a NYE look to the running-errands look.

OOTD Magazine
All things fashion, beauty and life related. A really good and interesting blog for any kind of reader, and one that you can always find yourself reading.

Source: http://roadahead.com.au/lifestyle/eco/choosing-ethical-beauty-products/

Ethical Beauty

Source: http://roadahead.com.au/lifestyle/eco/choosing-ethical-beauty-products/

During our time writing this blog, we have never really spoken about if the products we are using are ethical chummy. We don’t look at where the materials have come from, the conditions for workers, if animal testing is involved – and I want to know why is that? Surely it should be a natural thing to want make up and beauty products that have come from an ethical background.

We expect it of banana’s so why shouldn’t we with beauty?  Continue reading

Lush Haul (ish?)


I recently went into lush and naturally came out with a bag. I bought a butter bear and one dragons egg. Not a crazy haul but hey – student life.

photo 2 (5) photo 3 (1)

The first thing that caught my eye was the dragons egg – I don’t think this is a Christmas one but I loved the lemony smell it gave off. I am a sucker for anything that smells of lemons. I haven’t yet used this one in the bath but I’m expecting great things.

The second item is the butter bear – now I don’t know if lush do this every year but I haven’t seen it before. It just looked so cute! And it is made with cocoa power so it smelt amazing too. This makes the bath feel really moisturizing and luxurious and it only cost £1.95 and I managed to get two baths out of it!

I am desperate to try some more of their Christmas range – might have to pop back in if I can.. ah budgeting!

Nail Tutorial #1

image4 image5 image7

Step 1:
Prep the nail with a base coat (add a colour coat – optional)

Step 2:
Using tape, make a V/ triangle shape. You can do this either way (having the point towards you, or away) make sure the tape is pressed in at the sides to avoiding leaking. (As you can see from the pictures I was not very careful with this step…

Step 3:
Paint your nail using any colour

Step 4:
Remove the tape carefully
Clean up around the nails using a cotton bud dipped in nail polish remover (again from the pictures you can see I missed this step…)

Step 5:
Add a top coat to shine away – enjoy

Source: http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/beauty-3326659/view-all-915/glow-highlighter-in-polish-53792?bi=1&ps=200

Top shop Glow Pot

This little pot is like magic. Well it certainly looks like fairy dust anyway. This wondrous little cream can be used as an eye shadow, highlighter and something to add to your lips. It costs £9 (student discount £8.10 yes!) And is worth every penny in my opinion.

The reason why the glow pot is so good is down to two specific reasons;

1. The product itself – its a lovely consistency (creamy but not oily) with a lovely texture with just enough sparkle to add a little bit of glow. In my opinion you could get away without using powder or foundation if you used this, blush and concealer as it just enhances your face.

2. I’m lazy – it just does so much stuff! It can be used basically anywhere on the face, is transport friendly and has so many purposes due to how multi-talented this little pot is; eye shadow, highlighter, makes your lips look plumper and if you get a pink coloured one, a blush. Its like I don’t need the rest of my make up bag.

One thing I really like is to put some of the cream covering my eyelids and then in the crease of my eyes blend in an orange eye shadow – which sounds a little odd but it gives a lovely contoured look because the cream blends it in. Looks like i’ve spend hours when i’ve spent two minutes – my kind of make up.

What do you think?
photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4)

Product empties #1

So I went through my bin and found a few empty bottles. Some are all time favs and some will never be seen again. I love watching empties videos on YouTube because you find out what was really good, but also what didn’t really work out. So here’s my take…

Sanex – Hypoallergenic body wash
I bought this thinking it would be really gentle and easy on the skin, no harsh smells or chemicals but it wasn’t really what I expected. The smell was nice and non invasive, but the product didn’t foam up a lot and I felt like more of it was needed to feel clean… also because of this reason, I got through if fairly quickly. Will not repurchase this…

Soap and Glory – Sugar Crush body wash
Amazing! At first I was hesitant whether to buy this because it was expensive compared to other body washes but I’m so glad I did because it was so good. 3 pumps and I was clean, didn’t need a lot and it lasted a long time which really made me feel like I got my moneys worth. Smells like lime and brown sugar, so good and refreshing! Will definitely be repurchasing

Carmex – Pomegranate stick
Best thing ever! Carmex on a stick, I love it, the concept, the smell, the product. Have already repurchased!

La Roche Posay – Effaclar Duo+
This is probably the forth or fifth tube that I’ve gotten through. I would go as far as to call it one of my Holy Grail products. For me, I find it’s really good at clearing my face, keeping it clear and reducing scaring. Although I will admit there are times when I still get breakouts but I’ve accepted the fact that I am growing and that I have oily skin so I may get a few… But it helps me get through the tough times

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Toner
This was in my cupboard and I thought, ahh I better use this.. And so I did! Why did I ever stop using it? When I use toners I never really see drastic differences on my face immediately or even sometimes after months of using it. But when I use it I mentally know that my face is so much cleaner and I can see the dirt coming off my face when I use it with a cotton round. Makes all the difference. The smell is freshening and brings back memories of when my sisters would use it. Love! Definably will repurchase.

Aussie – Luscious Long Shampoo
Aussie’s volume shampoo is the one that I usually tend to gravitate towards however when I went to Sainsbury’s they were out of stock. So I thought id try out the long shampoo as I usually get the long conditioner to go with the volume shampoo. It does the job but it doesn’t really do anything to my hair. The volume one gives volume; the moisture one gives moisture but the long one? I think I would only repurchase this if the volume one, or anything similar, wasn’t there.

photo 1

How to: Doing Make up on the Train

Last weekend I travelled to see my boyfriend (and happily I can now call them our friend’s gosh how couple-y) and I discovered a few tips to doing make up on a train. Here are my few little tips if you are ever travelling on a train and have shove stuff on your face early in the morning to look half decent.

Awkward Train Selfie
Awkward Train Selfie

#1 Ignore the people around you; would you rather look pretty for the people who you will spend hours with or be the object of curiosity for a few minutes to strangers on the train

#2 Decide what you are going to do the night before; its very easy to just follow instructions in the back of your brain instead of mixing up eye shadow colours and looking like a zombie with green eyes

#3 Put your make up bag at the top of you bag; therefore to avoid emptying out all of your stuff on the person next to you

#4 Take doubles; the glow pot from topshop (blog to follow about its awesomeness) works as an eye shadow, highlighter and something to add to your lips. Saves so much space.

#5 Less is More; take a small make up bag with only your options for that look to avoid mess, disaster and clutter on your small little train table

If you were wondering what I actually put on my face here it is;

Primer – Rimmel London Baby Face

Power – The Collection Lasting Perfection

Concealer – Benefit’s erase paste

Blusher – Revlon Baby Stick for Lips and Cheeks

Eye Shadow(s) – Bare Minerals its a light sparkly colour and a bronze coloured eye shadow that I have no idea where it is from appologies!

Mascara(s)- Seventeen Superlash Mascara and Clinique High Impact Mascara

Eyeshadow(s)- Seventeen Kohl Deep Black, The Collection in Vanilla Sky and Vintage Blush (I did treat myself in the eye department I admit)

selfie 3

August Favourites

How is already September? It felt like May was just last week! Anyways, this is what I’ve loved in August.

Product Favs
The Body Shop – Tea Tree Toner
It’s really been nice to use on my face. I know its not this very product that determines my spot levels and although not a necessity, it’s been in my drawers and so I thought I’d get through it.

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Face Wash
So refreshing, you can really feel how it cleans. I like to use this at night because I like the fresh clean feeling before I go to sleep, knowing my face is free of the dirt build up during the day.

First Aid Beauty – Face Wash
This is so good! It doesn’t have a smell so it’s not going to be all up in your nose. It’s creamy and smooth, which is great for mornings.

L’Oreal – Volume Million Lashes (Extra Black)
This is the best mascara I have ever used. It curls, adds volume, and makes it look like I literally have a million lashes. I think the best thing is that it doesn’t clump up on your lashes, its super easy to take of but it’s so easy that it smudges if you rub your eye a bit. Its perfect

Nivea – Moisturiser
This is good. Its in my august favs really because I like the smell of Nivea products. But don’t take it in the way that it doesn’t do the job. it feels cooling on the skin which is nice after a hot shower and just keeps me feeling moisturised, smooth and smelling good.

Revlon – Vixen
When in doubt, use Revlon vixen. It’s my go to nail polish when I cant think of a colour to use. A basic deep red that I think everyone should have on hand (and nails). Its been doing in job in august by always being there for me, the multiple times I’ve needed it.

Food and Drink Favs
Sparkling Water
When I was younger, it was one of those things that I thought was just silly. Why have fizzy water that tastes of nothing when you can have Sprite and Coke… Well I now know that there are many reasons. It makes you feel so sophisticated when you drink it, its like “oh yes, sparkling water, yep, that’s what I’ll have…” You can imagine it, and it sounds great. There are other reasons like it’s good for you, proven to help lose weight, yada yada yada…

Goats Cheese and Spinach
I’ve never been crazy about a cheese but this month has been something new. I love goats cheese especially when its with spinach. Ive had pastry’s and pies, sandwiches and soups, all with goats cheese and I’ve really been enjoying it.

Song Favs
Kaava – Violin and Piano Cover
It’s an Indian song with violin and piano and the words taken out

Mast Magan – 2 States
Locha-E-Ulfat – 2 States
Two songs from an Indian movie, they have lyrics in Hindi and although some may not be able to understand them, it’s like a love song, really cute ones. Google the meanings if you really want to… Even though they’re Indian, I have been listening to them so much since I watched the movie, and it’s calming and just nice to listen to while blogging…

Nail Polish Dupes

Nail Polish Dupes, to save you from spending too much on things which you can find for a lot cheaper! Just to clarify, I think they are very similar, but obviously ingredients wise it would be different, the formulas don’t really make a difference to me, unless they are very watery or extra gloopy, which none of these were *phew* the formulas were all very similar I found. The nail polishes can be used as one coat but for the true colour 2 is best.


OPI: Ski Teal We Drop (NL Z16)
Max Factor: Prussian Blue (37)

Identical! I saw no difference! EXCEPT THE PRICE! and maybe size…?

OPI: Grand Canyon Sunset (NL L30)
Rimmel: Frisky Clover (290)

The flash drowned the colour but they are very similar. Side note: Grand Canyon Sunset is my all time favourite nail polish. Jus sayin…

OPI: Chicago Champagne Toast (NL S63)
Maybelline: Silver Plum (14)

Unfortunately the Maybelline one is very dried up and will be thrown away soon…

Essie: Merino Cool
Max Factor: Cappuccino (26)

I will admit the Essie one is SLIGHTLY more purple, but literally on the nails you can’t even tell

OPI: Yoga-ta Get this Blue! (NL I47)
Barry M: Navy (292)

Look how similar!!!

Essie: Turquoise and Caicos
Revlon: Eclectic (580)

I used my friends Revlon nail polish hence theres no bottle, but I loved it so much and found it so similar, I know I’ll be buying that one when this one finishes

Beauty Essentials

Mornin’ Chum!

I thought for today that I would discuss some of my top beauty essentials that everyone should just keep in their cupboards for ‘just-in-cases’!

First up is eye makeup remover – as you saw last Monday this is vital for eye makeup gone wrong and for when you are super tired and want to collapse on the bed as soon as you can. The one I highly recommend in the Nivia Visage Gentle Waterproof eye makeup remover.

Second is nail polish remover – an explanation is not required for this although I would recommend one that nourishes the nails when you take the polish off. I recommend Sally Hansen regular nail polish remover which has lots of vitamins and it works great for even glittery nail polishes.

Third is perfume – this is a recent thing for me but I feel like if you are having an evening out if I’m not sure of an outfit I have found that perfume makes me revaluate the outfit in a new positive light! I love the Jack Wills perfume called English Velvet and the Zara Women L’eau perfume (I love the fragrance that Hannah got me for my birthday 😀 )

Forth is leave in conditioner – not for all hair types I think but for mine it is as precious as gold and diamonds; I have super tanglely hair and without this stuff I think my hair would never be brushed through and would be forever knotted. I recommend the Boots Sun, Swim and Gym leave in conditioner for all hair types – smells a bit weird but works wonders!

And last but by no means least is face wipes – because although we all know cleansing and moisturising and all that faff is super-duper important sometimes we just can’t be bothered.

Peace out chum!

Disappointing Products

No 7 stay perfect nail colour varnish in… a peachy colour (I left it at uni WHOOPS! Apologies) retails in Boots at £6

The positives first; It is a great peachy apricot (I think I’m craving fruit today) summer colour and it goes with many outfits. However (wow the positive list wasn’t long when I thought about it) – It has taken me five layers of colour to get it to the bold peach colour I want. Also to stop the streaky-ness of the polish which I was very surprised about with No 7 as nail varnishes in the past have been amazing. However this one, not great! Therefore very disappointing….

Befri Brush – I’m not sure exactly how much this is as my mum bought this for me, however ebay says £25

Befri Hairbrush
Befri Hairbrush

I can’t think of any positives with this product… it looks funky? Mum wanted to get me a new hair brush because every time I brush my hair about half my hair comes out with it so her heart was in the right place (thanks mum!). However – we are taking it back because it is just awful! I hope you can take it back? I admit to only using it twice but that is because my hair broke one of the bristles and the eight supposedly flexible arms did not look like they were going to last long against my hair. I am so disappointed because its designed for think hair – is my hair just made out of concrete then? Tangle Teasers all the way!!

Yep that is pretty much it.

Literally so impressed with new products recently – do you feel the same or have I been lucky or just too positive?

Talk soon!