Monthly Highlights | February

Hello! This time has rolled around once more! Lets get straight down to it..


I attended a wedding this weekend and it was amazing!

At that event that, seeing my family was great, some I haven’t seen for a couple of years so it was nice to chat 🙂

I’ve had a great time recently working with my student union and feel like i’ve achieved stuff

New Shoes 😀


Being in a long distance relationship is tricky

Some awful foot scrub (dets to come)

Stand outs 

The Wedding

I’ve had a few weekends at home which have been quite relaxing

Cuddling with my adorable dog!

Laughing with my amazing housemates about random rubbish


Whats you’re month been like?


A Guys first experience of… Plucking eyebrows

This is a new mini series i’ll be doing on ChuckleChums just to add a bit of light humor to the activities we do to make ourselves feel more beautiful. I’ll be getting an opinion of beauty measures from a guys perspective for the first time he does it. First up to bat, eyebrow plucking. Continue reading


Ethical Beauty


During our time writing this blog, we have never really spoken about if the products we are using are ethical chummy. We don’t look at where the materials have come from, the conditions for workers, if animal testing is involved – and I want to know why is that? Surely it should be a natural thing to want make up and beauty products that have come from an ethical background.

We expect it of banana’s so why shouldn’t we with beauty?  Continue reading


Apologies for my recent absence, deadlines are great aren’t they?

Anyway, I have been meaning to write a post about representation for ages now since it has become quite a big part of my semester. I got a job working for my student union (yey! I can now afford to get a weekly hot chocolate) and I now go to faculty level meetings and discuss issues, problems, suggestions and ideas for the future of the faculty – and I then represent all of the students of science on these meetings (kinda scary when I think about it) but every idea I take to these meetings I get from students and school student led meetings.

My point is that I wasn’t aware of how important representation is and how it can affect my life so drastically until now. A lot of decisions and procedures my university implements has to be shown to students, staff and so many committees until it is actually put in place, and because it takes so long I didn’t care and didn’t actually think it would impact me. But things that I say at meetings are taken seriously, noted down (eek…) and I have actually changed some stuff for the better for students across science. I didn’t realise I could have this power to change policies and new procedures are being put in place for next semester!

So this is my plea for more people to get involved in representation. You may not have to represent a body of people but at least take an interest in what those people are saying because chances are, stuff they talk about will affect you and you could change it to make your experience even better.

A good start to the new year (ish?)

Happy 2015!

I hope that this year will be the best yet, and that this will finally be the year I stop accidentally writing 2012 as the date…

I have to admit that during my first day of 2015 (I accidentally write 2013, clearly my brain is trying to work up from 2012) I actually spent it in bed recovering from New Years Eve – and no not hungover, I drank one glass of champagne and then only drank water and coke. It was more the late night and the sofa bed that I was recovering from. But still, the best New Years Eve I’ve ever had 🙂

I was going to write this post yesterday for my usual Wednesday slot however, I have got caught up with all the festivities and ironically discussing my resolutions, instead of writing about them, for the New Year. So anyway, my resolutions this year are:

1. One week in each month I will have a vegetarian diet

2. I will run a mile in under 8 minutes

3. Travel to a place I have never been before

Hope you have a great New Year! 🙂

Our Anniversary!

Chummy! Exciting news! We have now been blogging for a whole year! Isn’t that crazy! So many !!!!

Time has flown by – I mean think of everything that has changed in our lives since last December when we went to see the Feeling! (Here is our first blog post if you wanted a read of it:

I feel really proud of us that we have kept this going and I think its a great way for us to not miss out on our little ramblings that we so often used to have in our breaks and lunch times at the tech room 😉 (long story people)

Therefore has 12 months have passed, I feel we should say 12 things on how our lives have changed

1. My Life Plan

2. My Career Plan

3. View on University

4. Taste buds

5. Mindset

6. Some friends

7. Hobbies

8. Job

9. Moved into a house!

10. Cooking skills

11. Confidence

12. Hair!

Bring on the next great year!

Lush Haul (ish?)


I recently went into lush and naturally came out with a bag. I bought a butter bear and one dragons egg. Not a crazy haul but hey – student life.

photo 2 (5) photo 3 (1)

The first thing that caught my eye was the dragons egg – I don’t think this is a Christmas one but I loved the lemony smell it gave off. I am a sucker for anything that smells of lemons. I haven’t yet used this one in the bath but I’m expecting great things.

The second item is the butter bear – now I don’t know if lush do this every year but I haven’t seen it before. It just looked so cute! And it is made with cocoa power so it smelt amazing too. This makes the bath feel really moisturizing and luxurious and it only cost £1.95 and I managed to get two baths out of it!

I am desperate to try some more of their Christmas range – might have to pop back in if I can.. ah budgeting!


Hi Chummy,

Glad you’re back, I was getting lonely. Today I was on the bus chatting with my lovely friend Lauren and we were chatting about how much things have changed from a year or two ago. Its crazy how much my life has changed in such a short space of time and none of it I saw coming.

Which not gunna lie, terrifies me slightly.

However, we were on the bus to see Brit Floyd (who were great btw) and while they were playing I saw a couple standing next to us and they were probably my age when this particular song came out. When they recognized it they counted down till the band started singing the lyrics together. It was adorable! And it just happily reminded me that although things change, the important things stay the same – even over a 30 year period.

pasta bake...sadly not mine (Aldi's picture!)

My Pasta Bake Recipe

This is my mum’s and I recipe for an amazing Pasta Bake 🙂


You can add pretty much whatever you want to this but my usual suspects are: 





Sauce – any would be okay, the Dolmio Tomato and Cheese pasta bake sauce is particularly good

But I have also added on occasion:

Green Beans



Any leftovers I have in the fridge


First boil the pasta and any meat and vegetables (if they require it) you want in the bake. Sometimes I fry the chicken, then when that has cooked I put in vegetables in there too – careful not to burn them.

Then add the sauce to the pasta (after draining it – duh) and leave to simmer for a few minutes.

Then add in the pasta, vegetables and meat to the oven proof dish and grate tonnes of cheese on top!

Then place it in the oven at 150 for 20 minutes and ta daah!

Please note, that I would have added pictures for this blog, but it didn’t last long enough once I’d taken in out of the oven for me to take one. Take that as a good sign instead of a photo to convince you?

Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy Busy…


Not going to lie this week I have been feeling exceptionally stressed and busy with university assignments. They just seem to keep piling up much to my annoyance.

I know that university is supposed to be busy and I am happy to do the work.. (well theoretically) but the dilemma of what to do with my free time now that is so scarce is now vital. Do I watch YouTube? Do I hang out with friends? And the all important question – Do I just fall asleep?

One thing I have found that is the greatest thing to do in my free time is take a bath. Never been a bath person but the opportunity arose for me to have the house to myself so I whacked up the music, sang along to Taylor Swift (among other, some would argue better artists), had a facial and painted my nails. BEST HOUR EVER.

Anyway, I want to know what you do in your free time. It could give me some ideas to de-stress the next time submission week is upon me (may the next four weeks go snail pace slow)


Top shop Glow Pot

This little pot is like magic. Well it certainly looks like fairy dust anyway. This wondrous little cream can be used as an eye shadow, highlighter and something to add to your lips. It costs £9 (student discount £8.10 yes!) And is worth every penny in my opinion.

The reason why the glow pot is so good is down to two specific reasons;

1. The product itself – its a lovely consistency (creamy but not oily) with a lovely texture with just enough sparkle to add a little bit of glow. In my opinion you could get away without using powder or foundation if you used this, blush and concealer as it just enhances your face.

2. I’m lazy – it just does so much stuff! It can be used basically anywhere on the face, is transport friendly and has so many purposes due to how multi-talented this little pot is; eye shadow, highlighter, makes your lips look plumper and if you get a pink coloured one, a blush. Its like I don’t need the rest of my make up bag.

One thing I really like is to put some of the cream covering my eyelids and then in the crease of my eyes blend in an orange eye shadow – which sounds a little odd but it gives a lovely contoured look because the cream blends it in. Looks like i’ve spend hours when i’ve spent two minutes – my kind of make up.

What do you think?
photo 1 (4) photo 2 (4)