The Top 5: Blogging

Half Baked Harvest
Amazing food recipes, with a blog which is easy to follow and find recipes on. There are lots of varieties and choices, from vegetarian to snack food, cakes and healthy foods.

Man Repellar
Life advice and help for your fashion dilemmas. The blog posts are hilarious to read and also very down to earth giving a true point of view. This blog is also not just run by one person, so the information that is being given isn’t biased.

Anna Rike
Not so much of an informative blog, but the outfits that are put together have had lots of thought put into them and they work well.

The Blond Salad
Similar to Anna Rike’s blog but with a bit more variation. This blogger travels often and shows the outfits that can be worn in many areas.

The Beauty Department
Hair, make up, beauty blog. Advice and tips on the best and worst of items, products, hairdryers, and allsorts. From a NYE look to the running-errands look.

OOTD Magazine
All things fashion, beauty and life related. A really good and interesting blog for any kind of reader, and one that you can always find yourself reading.


Most worn in October

image10 Jumper – Pull and Bear
Shoes – Zara

image22Hoodie – Zara (it’s dark green)
Necklace – Spitalfields Market

image16 image19Jumper – H&M
Watch – Timex

image13 image15Jumper – Zara (different colours available)

image24Jumper – Uniqlo (underneath)
Cardigan – New look

Trousers worn in all – black treggings – M&S
Shoes most likely worn:
Coat most likely worn: Navy blue coat from Monsoon – few years ago
Emphasis on “most worn” – I did wear other clothes, I assure you.

Leather Jacket 🙌

zara biker jacketphoto 1

Another Zara Purchase – £59.99
I had been looking for this for almost a month after I had worn it in the picture above, it was so comfy and cute and ahhh amazing!

I reassured myself over the price because I know I will get so much wear out of it, its super warm and just adds perfection to an outfit. There was a phase where lots of people bought leather jackets, but I didn’t jump on the band wagon very early because I felt like I needed to find the perfect one.
And this is it 🙂

Shoes to die but survive for

image copy 9 image copy 10 image copy 11

Zara Ballerina Pointed Metal Edged Flats – £15.99 (sale)
How Cute

So me being me, when I see something I like, I will google and try my very best to find it, tell myself the price is reasonable (if it actually is) and buy it, so that I feel I have accomplished something.
So it began when i saw these shoes on the feet of an Instagramer
I googled, flats, pointed, metal cap, gold… everything my mind could think of
As soon as I pressed enter, the first link that pooped up was zara
It was a feeling very close to christmas as a child… how much does that say about me…

One thing led to another and they ended up on my feet… ahaa…
Side note: one thing I don’t like is the toe cleavage, urghh

Terrific Topshop

Mornin’ Chum!

Oh I do love bowties but my favourite is braces as you know 😉 I loved your nail polish dupes post! So useful when I next go nail polish shopping 🙂 I have found that Revlon nail polishes are great but my one true nail polish love will forever lie with Nails Inc. I am going slightly insane with revision so apologies if I stop making sense half way through.  

Anywho – recently I was fortunate enough for my mum to come and visit and we had a little trip to Topshop and she was lovely enough to pay for these beauties (thank you mum once again!) I have also briefly mentioned these purchases in my weekly vlog with very poor lighting so I hope these photos due this fabulous items justice! I’d also like to state that Topshop were doing a 20% off student weekend before you think that the total bill adds up too high!

First up are these jeans with a really lovely blue floral pattern which happen to also be super comfy! They retail at £40 which is a little pricy but I think that I will get so much wear out of them and they go with a lot of stuff in my wardrobe. 

                   Jeans from Topshop

Next up is a red t-shirt retailing at £26 which is a crazy amount for a t-shirt but with discount it ended up being free but still! It is a lovely burgundry kinda red but it also has crosses down and across the shirt but are faint and when the light shines through a little see though (but not too much) so feels summery and i love love love the colour. 

Finally I took the plunge chum and bought a skort – before you think that I am too insane Fleur de Force did say that she loves her two skorts so im not totally crazy. From the picture it looks a bit weird I grant you but when I wear it I’ll send you a picture. 

                Skort from Topshop


It retails at £34 but it is a really good quality which sometimes you find with Topshop stuff isn’t great. It has this great flowery pink pattern all the way round the skort with green and blue making contrasting background colours. I really like it and feel that with a grey or another block colour t-shirt that it will look really good for summer. 

What do you think of my purchases chum?


Bow Ties

Is it bad for me to say the bow ties on a man make my tummy flutter? I don’t think so either. Only certain people can pull off a bow tie… Who you may ask? Fit, hot guys! And when they do! Phwoaarrr!!!


Anyways, while catching up on my daily dose of YouTube, I stumbled across this video… seeing the words ‘bow tie’ got the butterflies started and I think the black and white adds a good effect. Bonus – by watching the video, you can actually learn how to tie a bow tie, great right?

Let me know what you think of bow ties

PS. Love the bag 😉

The Blag

Yes, even though you saw it on Monday here is the blog about my new handbag!

Retails £20 in River Island.


I love the bright pink and blue zig zag pattern all over the bag – I really wanted something that made a statement (you mentioned statement pieces in your NY fashion post so I was on the lookout for things like that). I wasn’t sure at first but I did think this over for a good few weeks before buying. I also had a voucher there so made the financial dent not quite so big.

It has gold hardware on the front with buckles (magnetic so less hassle), a river island brand mark, handle bits making up part of the cute small handle on top of bag along with short chains leading to material straps. At first I was apprehensive about the gold hardware as I don’t have anything with it on however I have come to love it – It makes the bag just stand out even more. I love the juxtaposition (one of the coolest words ever) against the pink and blue pattern. 


It has got a really handy front pocket where I keep lipsticks and my Oster/train tickets, along with a larger compartment where I can fit my glasses and case, phone, headphones, purse and keys well. However, if you want anything else in there and you are stumped – it’s like tetris getting that stuff in there. But the bag is only around 15cm high and 10cm wide so you can’t expect miracles.


It will be perfect for summer for nipping into town and meeting up with friends so I know I’ll get a lot of use out of it. Mum did say it was so bold what would it go with but I think it that because it is a statement bag it would go with so many things in my wardrobe. Anyhoo – very excited about using it! What do you think about this purchase chum?

See you soon! 🙂 

New York Fashion Week

Firstly, chum: I think that although that necklace is beautiful and would look amazing. However, I think you should have the courage and determination to stick to a goal and not buy it. See how long you can resist it… and if your lucky, it’ll be in the sales

Secondly, since this week was New York Fashion Week I thought I would do a little review.

I wasn’t able to find many very good pictures from the catwalk, but i found some from outside that looked like good pictures. From what I did see in vlogs, instagrams and other images was that the spring/summer collections for 2014 all look quite patterned. Not patterned in the way that it is all you see, but incorporated in an outfit with the other clothing items being neutral and minimal. I really like the looks and an excited to start shopping (maybe…).

Another this that seemed to be quite the trend was coats. Different lengths, textures, styles and colours. this excited me very much as I love a good coat, one that can keep you warm and snug but also look like you made an effort but without trying too hard..


Here we have Leandra Medine the queen of layering. Love Love Love her! Her blog is – Man Repeller and she also has a book (I’ll add it to my list) Also her outfit – brill


I love this picture, the hustle and bustle of NY and her bag and her coat, adore.


This outfit is great as it follows the monochrome trend and also adds the pop of colour, layering and to top it all off, a coat.


Everything about this photo makes me just want to smile. There’s so much going on and yet you can hardly tell until you stop and just look…

nyfw-street-style-2-18_105440580532Minimalist outfit – all white. Black and white loafers and BAM a cool coat to top it off! The print and the colour make it a statement coat and it also matches the clutch!


Neon is still with us. Although I never ventured into this trend, I find it interesting and amazing to see how it can actually work very well in an outfit if placed correctly…


The swish of this coat just makes me want to twirl around my in the NY snow in this coat. Casual black skinnies and a bright statement bag to add colour and pop!

Disclaimer: All photos are from the Vogue website

Bags Galore

As I am going to India very soon, I decided to get some of my shopping done early so that I’m organised and prepared.

One of the main things on my list was a new bag. The bag I have now has been staying strong now for 3 years. I got it on your 16th or 17th birthday? I saw it, picked it up and just payed for it, I loved it so much I didn’t need to double think. I got it from River Island, its black and has gold zip details and hardware on it. Although I said it was black, since I bought it, the colour has now turned a very light grey and the fabric has also started to rip and tear.

ImageIt is an amazing bag as I was able to fit so many things in it and the fabric was soft which allowed more room inside. It is still one of my favourite bags but unfortunately it was time for a new one.

So I went online, looked in stores and even got friends and family to try and find something that would be able to replace the one I have now. I know I can be very specific when it comes to clothes, but I never knew I was the same with bags. I think it was because I knew exactly what I wanted the bag to be like and look like and there just was no bag that met those expectations.

I received an email from a friend with the subject ‘bags galore’. I thought to myself, this is my last hope; if I can’t find anything now, ill just have to keep my battered bag. I was tired of looking for a bag by this time as if had been about a month, and if you know me, I like to just do this and get on. So I looked through the links she had sent me and came across 2 that I really liked and thought that although they weren’t exactly what I wanted, they came pretty close to the image in my head and would do. I know I’ve just been talking about bags but this was a month of my life, which seems so stupidly crazy right now…

Anyways I finally eliminated a bag after many thoughts and opinions, I even almost bought both… but here it is

ImageIt’s from Zara, size medium, perfect for traveling, and a medium soft material- enough to hold its shape but still flexible. A beautiful navy blue (you know I love my blues), it has 2 zips and a third inside the main one, black hardware and a strap to put over my shoulder (which is a must in a bag for me!). But all in all, I love it and am really happy that I found a good bag. I got it online and I have to say I was very nervous as to whether I would like it. The delivery was amazing and came in 3 days.



Very excited to use it now 🙂

(ps 2 of my fav books)