Hi Chummy,

Glad you’re back, I was getting lonely. Today I was on the bus chatting with my lovely friend Lauren and we were chatting about how much things have changed from a year or two ago. Its crazy how much my life has changed in such a short space of time and none of it I saw coming.

Which not gunna lie, terrifies me slightly.

However, we were on the bus to see Brit Floyd (who were great btw) and while they were playing I saw a couple standing next to us and they were probably my age when this particular song came out. When they recognized it they counted down till the band started singing the lyrics together. It was adorable! And it just happily reminded me that although things change, the important things stay the same – even over a 30 year period.


August Favourites

How is already September? It felt like May was just last week! Anyways, this is what I’ve loved in August.

Product Favs
The Body Shop – Tea Tree Toner
It’s really been nice to use on my face. I know its not this very product that determines my spot levels and although not a necessity, it’s been in my drawers and so I thought I’d get through it.

The Body Shop – Tea Tree Face Wash
So refreshing, you can really feel how it cleans. I like to use this at night because I like the fresh clean feeling before I go to sleep, knowing my face is free of the dirt build up during the day.

First Aid Beauty – Face Wash
This is so good! It doesn’t have a smell so it’s not going to be all up in your nose. It’s creamy and smooth, which is great for mornings.

L’Oreal – Volume Million Lashes (Extra Black)
This is the best mascara I have ever used. It curls, adds volume, and makes it look like I literally have a million lashes. I think the best thing is that it doesn’t clump up on your lashes, its super easy to take of but it’s so easy that it smudges if you rub your eye a bit. Its perfect

Nivea – Moisturiser
This is good. Its in my august favs really because I like the smell of Nivea products. But don’t take it in the way that it doesn’t do the job. it feels cooling on the skin which is nice after a hot shower and just keeps me feeling moisturised, smooth and smelling good.

Revlon – Vixen
When in doubt, use Revlon vixen. It’s my go to nail polish when I cant think of a colour to use. A basic deep red that I think everyone should have on hand (and nails). Its been doing in job in august by always being there for me, the multiple times I’ve needed it.

Food and Drink Favs
Sparkling Water
When I was younger, it was one of those things that I thought was just silly. Why have fizzy water that tastes of nothing when you can have Sprite and Coke… Well I now know that there are many reasons. It makes you feel so sophisticated when you drink it, its like “oh yes, sparkling water, yep, that’s what I’ll have…” You can imagine it, and it sounds great. There are other reasons like it’s good for you, proven to help lose weight, yada yada yada…

Goats Cheese and Spinach
I’ve never been crazy about a cheese but this month has been something new. I love goats cheese especially when its with spinach. Ive had pastry’s and pies, sandwiches and soups, all with goats cheese and I’ve really been enjoying it.

Song Favs
Kaava – Violin and Piano Cover
It’s an Indian song with violin and piano and the words taken out

Mast Magan – 2 States
Locha-E-Ulfat – 2 States
Two songs from an Indian movie, they have lyrics in Hindi and although some may not be able to understand them, it’s like a love song, really cute ones. Google the meanings if you really want to… Even though they’re Indian, I have been listening to them so much since I watched the movie, and it’s calming and just nice to listen to while blogging… 

The Importance of Music

Hey Chum! 

I do think that sometimes the Natural Collection make up is really good – i absolutely love their power (i switched from Revlon nearly naked) and so i’m not surprised by your mention of their mascara. However, my continued love affair with Clinique makes me must point out that the High Lengths Mascara is AMAZING and my most favouritst. But if you first apply seventeen’s BackLash it makes my lashes look lengthened and full of volume. 

Anyway! Since you are doing a beauty month i thought I would do a culture month and then April shall be my beauty month! I received a lot of vouchers and beauty stuff for my birthday also (thank you so much for my presents again btw) and i’ll be talking about all of that stuff soon – i think i’ll categorize it like you have done! 

So, anyway now back again to topic (sorry i went off on a tangent). A big part of university culture, my life and public culture is music so i thought it only fitting to start off my culture month with a salute to music! I am also going to start doing a monthly playlist of my favorite songs over the past month and i’ll leave a link below. These may be old or new but songs that i always hit repeat on over the past month! 

As you know chummy I adore music. From 1960s classic Beatles to new Disney favorites like Let it Go from Frozen (which you seriously need to watch). Music has the power to change the world and all that hippy stuff but it also has a massive impact on the individual too – which i feel should be celebrated more! Throughout the decades music has changed people’s opinions, rallied people together, created events world wide (as you well know due to your musical skills!) and made millions of people’s awful days turn into the best. 

I’m not saying that music will solve everything but it does have a profound impact on the world. And therefore, we shouldn’t be mean about people’s music tastes because if it has made an impact on them; its important. Even if its got some weird and makes no sense as discussed earlier today (wink).

I’m not sure I can pick a favorite artist – right now i’ll direct you to my February playlist ( and these right now are on repeat constantly, due to memories, people or just down right catchy lyrics in the case of Let it Go. I’ll let you decide which songs match up to which explanations hehe. 

However, I do think I can manage to list a few majorly important songs or artists that have changed my life. First; Elton John – quite frankly I have never heard a song by him that I have disliked over the years and so definitely needs a mention. Secondly; the Album ‘Come on Over’ by Shania Twain – memories of dancing round the kitchen with my mum when I was three. Thirdly; the discovery of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers – thanks dad, one of the BEST bands to come from the 1970s and a few special memories come from their music too. Forthly; (is that a word?) Disney tunes. Enough said. And last but not least any cheesy song that comes from the 1990s. Remembering Steps songs like 5,6,7,8, creating up dance routines to Reach for the Stars or singing ice ice baby are all amazing experiences that everyone needs to do. 

Thats all for this week chum – sorry its late! I’ll be better next week! (fingers crossed anyway) and i’ve just got this published with 6 minutes to spare before midnight so only 2 days late! 

Chat later, Em x